Resilience Challenge: Wim Hof Breathing

Well, February came and went and I completed my month-long resilience challenge of doing Wim Hof Breathing every day. To give you a bit more context here is more information about my resilience challenge for 2023. Each month, I’m tackling one challenge a month to build more resilience.

I wouldn’t say I was super successful in daily compliance with the Wim Hof breath technique in February. But I would say I completed this daily challenge at least 90% of the month.

I shared over on Substack the rationale of why and how to do the Wim Hof breathing technique.

And then I followed up for my paid subscribers with an article on the science behind the breathwork.

So why did I choose this for a resilience challenge?

I have had the most profound mental health healing while doing breathwork. When I connect to my breath I am calmer, kinder, and less prone to anxiety. I wanted to tackle daily Wim Hof breathing in February as the winter for me was really hard last year. I needed to up my game in being able to handle outside stress and breathwork is one of the many tools I use to support my mental health.

When I got up in the morning, after using the bathroom I’d climb back into bed, open my YouTube app and follow along for 3 breaths. I did the recommended hold times but I could see myself trying to improve my breath hold times in the future.

There were a few times when I would forget to do my morning breathwork and would jump right into starting my day so I would finish my day before falling asleep doing the breathwork. I found that I really needed to use the guided breathing on the app vs. trying myself as I definitely think I fell asleep a few times trying to do it on my own.

When is the best time of the day to do the breathwork?

When I did the breathwork in the morning I noticed that I start my day more calmly.

And when I do the breathwork in the evening before I sleep I am actually able to calm my nervous system much faster than without. I did notice my sleep was quite deep when I completed the 3 rounds of breathing right before I fell asleep.

I’m not sure I really have a preference of when in the day I like to complete it. It’s definitely a great way to start or end the day. So for me, it’s when I remember to do it. LOL.

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