Why I Use Red Light Therapy

I’ve just recently started using red light and near-infrared light therapy to support my healing journey. 

I’ve read amazing reasons to use this type of therapy from improved mental acuity, improved quality of sleep, skin health, muscle recovery, brain health, and reduce inflammation and joint pain. 

I use it at night on my face and on the back of my spine where I have MS lesions. 

My husband recently hurt his knee in a soccer match and has been using it daily for two weeks to support pain management and reduce inflammation in addition to his physiotherapy exercises. 

Why Would You Use Red Light Therapy?

Benefits can include:

    • Increased blood flow
    • Increased cellular health
    • Support mental acuity
    • Support skin health
    • Support muscle & tissue recovery
    • Support sleep & circadian rhythm
    • Reduce inflammation & pain
Learn more here about the clinical research benefits of red light therapy. 

Which Brand of Red Light Therapy Do I Use?

Different Ways To Use Red Light Therapy

Here is how I use the therapy devices: 

Position yourself 6 – 12 inches from the device

Expose your skin (ie. get nekkid)

Turn on the timer for 10 – 15 mins per body area or up to 20 mins for symptomatic areas

Use at least once a day and up to to twice a day depending on your schedule. 

Here are a few examples of when I use mine:

  • When meditating
  • Before bed
  • When you wake up
  • Simply just being
  • While reading (back to the device)
Remember to wear the safety googles if facing the device. 

I purchased the Orion Pro 2.0 300 to start off with. We are now upgrading to the 600 to get more full body coverage. 

Orion Pro 2.0 300
Orion Pro 2.0 600

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