PUSH – Health & Fitness Goal

Chapter 4 is about setting a SMART Health & Fitness Goal. I usually call the S of SMART Specific but Chalene is calling it Smallest. I need to re-package some of my big goals for the year into something more manageable and achievable in a a few weeks.

In Chapter 2 I accidentally set 10 weekly goals. One of them is already quite manageable.

I want to attend Hot Moksha Yoga every Sunday morning. 

Measurable: attendance

Achievable: once a week commitment

Rewarding: I just feel better after class and I’ll feel better knowing that I’ve gone even though I could have slept in

Time Sensitive: I need to commit to attending every Sunday for a month to achieve this goal

In Chapter 3 I set some bigger goals. One of them was to decrease my cortisol levels. To make this one a Smart goal…

I need to get 8 hours of sleep a night, attend yoga once a week and meditate/pray once a day. 

Measurable: daily check off

Achievable: I do it or I don’t

Rewarding: by achieving these 3 things I will force my cortisol levels down which will help me feel better and less stressed

Time Sensitive: I need to commit to changing my lifestyle daily, nightly and weekly so I can make a change to the output of cortisol in my body.


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