PUSH – Reverse Engineering My Health Goal

Ok so day 6 is all about reverse engineering my health & fitness goal.

My Fitness Goal is to attend hot yoga once a week.

For this I need to:

  • Find an accountability partner who will go with me.
  • Go to bed early Saturday night so I have the energy to go Sunday morning.
  • Get up early enough to start chores, go to yoga and then home to grocery shop and food prep
  • Schedule it in my calendar so it’s an appointment in my brain

My Health Goal is to decrease my cortisol with sleep, yoga and meditation / prayer.

For this I need to:

  • Go to Bed 1 Hour Earlier than Normal
  • Turn Off the TV so I can get to sleep earlier
  • Wake up 10 mins earlier than normal and go straight to my couch for a morning devotional & prayer
  • Achieve my Fitness Goal to Achieve My Health Goal


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