PUSH – Push Goal

Ok so I did Chapter 2 improperly. In the book it says set 10 goals for the week but in Chapter 3 it says that your 10 goals should be for the year. Egad! Clearly I may need to read better in the future.

Oh well weekly goal setting isn’t a bad thing.

Ok so I’m going to revisit my goals for 2012 and make some of them bigger and better. Really get into that dream mindset.

1. Career: Find my dream job

2. Fitness Competitions: Get my WBFF Pro Card at the Quebec 2012 show in April.

3. Writing: Freelance Write for 2 top Fitness/Health Publications

4. Wedding: Enjoy the rest of the planning process with no stress (easier said than done)

5. Financial: Become completely debt free (even after the wedding) and create an annual plan for investing in our RSP & TFSA

6. Write an E-Book about becoming a successful Alpha Female (Goal: 10,000 downloads)

7. Fitness: Choose 2 fitness trends a year and challenge myself to accomplish them. 2012 it will be CrossFit and a Warrior Dash.

8. Health: Decrease my levels of cortisol by half (levels measured by my Naturopath)

9. Travel: Plan a dream, stress free Honeymoon (Turks, Bali or Fiji)

10. Family: Help my Dad lose even more weight (he dropped over 30lbs this summer by swimming) and get rid of his diabetes.

I don’t want to completely follow in Chalene’s footsteps of choosing my Push Goal as writing a book but I’m finding the same trends. If I can write an ebook that I can sell for minimal cost that will provide an extra income for me I can accomplish other financial and fitness goals more easily. So I choose number 6 as my Push Goal for the year.

Here goes nothing!

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