Protein Pancake Round Up

I have a tough life. I eat pancakes every morning for breakfast. Yup really tough.

I was asked for a recipe the other day on Instagram so here are my three favourite ways to make them.

1. Pumpkin Protein Pancakes – I’ve been making these bad boys since 2010! I upped my game and bought pumpkin pie spice instead of using 3 different spice containers. In the fall I use just pureed pumpkin and the rest of the year I buy unsweetened apple sauce and put a big spoon of that in the magic bullet container.

2. Paleomg Plantain Pancakes – I made these over Valentine’s Day Weekend for a girly brunch that we shared together. They didn’t look pretty coming out of the pan but with real maple syrup they were heavenly.


3. Another great recipe is by the ladies of Tone It Up! I adore them and their pancakes! They use their Perfect Fit Protein but you can attempt different kinds until you find the one you like.

PFP-Pancake-GraphicHappy Pancake Making!

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