Professional Marathon Cheerer

I had the most amazing weekend ever. I’ve also decided to take on a new career as professional marathon cheerer.

When my hero and good friend Krysten (the link will take you to her first marathon recap post) decided to run a marathon this year I didn’t even think twice that she wouldn’t be able to complete it. She’s just that tenacious. And despite a pacemaker and the year of a double masectomy and reconstructive surgery she killed it.

My friend Morgan (the link will take you to her race recap) and her boyfriend were in charge of the cheer signs. He airbrush painted them which made them super awesome. We decided over text on the sayings and had way too much fun making them up! The best part of the day was watching runners read the signs and smile, do double takes, laugh and even stop to take pictures of our signs 🙂

Morgan, Moi & Brad
Sam & Morgan

I didn’t even realize how fulfilling the day would be when we set out to cheer Krysten on. I forgot that they put all the runner’s names on their race bibs. Which makes it awesome to be able to yell out random names and cheer them on. My goal each and every yell was to elicit a smile. I was hungry for warm fuzzies. Sam should truly become a professional motivator. This girl did not stop with encouraging the runners. I’ll be impressed if she has a voice today. I also loved seeing friends from high school, university, from a local run club and a coworker!

KM 36

The best and most heartfelt part of my day was running in my yellow Hunters at km 36 with K. She was visibly in pain and I’m sure will recap what she was feeling at this point. All I wanted to do was take her pain on me and run the rest of the way for her. I started balling as we were running because I don’t think she truly knows how proud I am of her and it was kind of an honour for her to even let me run a couple of steps with her. I would’ve thrown her on my back if I had to but she did it. She pushed through herself. We may have been there lending support, words of encouragement and Morgan and Sam then ran 4k with her but she did it all on her own. She’s truly a superstar.

Running in my Hunters with Krysten

Marathons are no easy feat. They are grueling on the body and the mind. There are no marathons in my future. I love running but I’ll stick to my short distances. However, being able to share in Krysten’s marathon day will stay with me for a while. I had an amazing weekend cheering everyone on.

Ps. The undercover cop (Brad) from the first picture gets a special call out. He didn’t need to wake up at 7am in the morning or hang out in the rain all day. Or cheer random people on. Or support my friend Krysten. Or be the official photographer of the 36k run part. But he did. And He’s Awesome.

For other pictures check out my instagram feed.

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