Pregnancy Podcasts

The moment we found out we were pregnant I immediately did a search on my podcast app for pregnancy podcasts and then the minute we found out we were pregnant with twins I did the same search but for twin focused podcasts. Here are my top 6 podcasts that I’ve been listening too for education.

Top 4 Pregnancy Podcasts

40 Weeks – a week by week guide that provides you with a quick overview of what to expect for the week and for your babe!

Pregnancy Confidential – a week by week guide hosted by Parents magazine with chatty anecdotes from the hosts. While I don’t love their world view’s I find it helpful to understand how many women view pregnancy and birth.

Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy – an interview focused show with health practitioners to real birth stories.

Healthy Births Happy Babies – an interview focused show with health practitioners.

Top 2 Twin Podcasts

Twin Talks – a round table chat format around topics from birth to raising twins.

Twiniversity – I follow this account on Instagram and its chalked full of knowledge, I’m not always a huge fan of the podcast as I struggle with the host’s strong New York accent but love the content.

Twin Podcasts

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