Portion Control

Alright so portion control is touted as a great weight loss and weight maintenance tool. One of my twitter friends asked me how to measure portion control and I guess it’s just become second nature for me. So here’s my thoughts on the subject…

Robyn’s Tips off the Top of My Head

1. Use smaller plates!

2. One cup of something can be compared to the size of your fist (alot of websites use a baseball, I guess different sized hands and all lol)

3. A 2.5-3 ounce piece of meat can be compared to a deck of cards.

Picture Sourced from BellyBytes.com

4. Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner as a Pauper. Decrease your portion sizes over the day.

5. When packing meals in tupperware for work. Use smaller containers than you might normally use.

Please don’t starve yourself. With portion control comes clean eating and eating regularly through the day to ensure you keep your metabolism rolling!

2 thoughts on “Portion Control

  1. Hello Robyn, after a week or so of having your link on my blog, I decided to come by and lend my support and what a way to start out by reading your post on portion control.

    Interesting enough, I was explaining this concept to my fiance’ a couple of days ago. Though she is athletic and eats well, she was very unaware how I portion my meals so that I can consume more nutrients throughout the day without stuffing myself and being unable to eat for several hours. My fiance’ cooks special dinners at times and the portions are simply too much for me to handle at one sitting because my system is custom to smaller meals every few hours and I had to explain to her that one of the meals that she cooks is nearly equal to two or three of the smaller meals that I will eat throughout the day.

    She has promised to work on preparing smaller portioned meals in the future so that I can keep with what I am used to instead of trying to eat like a bodybuilder the size of Jay Cutler…lol.

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