My 5 Favourite Personal Development Podcasts

Since I’m on such a podcast kick listening to so many business podcasts I needed to balance it out with some self development or personal development podcasts. These podcasts fuel my soul and give me some insight on life issues.

Here are the descriptions of the top 5 shows that I’m putting in my roster and why I like them…

The Chalene Show

The Chalene Show

Description: Tips, resources, interviews and practical steps to help you improve energy, balance, organization, health, fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness. Each episode is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself. This podcast will feel like you’re sitting down to chat with someone who believes in you, adores you and only wants the best for you! The Chalene Show is fit life coaching, personal development, personal growth, priorities, productivity. faith, family, fashion and humor all rolled into one.

Why I Like It: As I talked about Chalene in business podcasts and her vibe gets even better in her life podcast. She truly sits down and talks to us like we’re her friends that need some of her guidance. This podcast had me re-organize my online passwords & internet security, reflect on my goal setting & really focus on my healthy habits. This podcast is really her catch all show of everything she’s passionate about that she’s learning about in her life so she can share with her world.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

School of Greatness

Description: Lewis Howes is an author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, former pro athlete and world record holder in football. The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet; to help you find out what makes great people great.

Why I Like It: I could listen to this man all day. One his voice is so soothing, two the format of his show keeps me interested weekly. He has made a show out of interviewing different personalities from all walks of life about what makes them great and then Friday shows are called 5 minute Fridays which are short and sweet. It’s a great balance of long in depth shows and quick fixes of awesomeness.

Soul Feed

Soul Feed

Description: SoulFeed is a podcast for you to transform, take charge of, and master your career, relationships, and life. When you need inspiration, a spiritual workout, or a shift in perspective, life coaches Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip give you what you need. Each episode brings you a motivational interview with a powerful leader -OR- an inspiring life coaching session with someone ready to step into a world of endless possibilities. Every episode includes a weekly challenge + a downloadable meditation for you to access on-the-go. Join our community of soul warriors!

Why I Like It: I love their energy, their giggles, their random singing and how you can feel how much they care for their listeners. These life coaching, yogis are my jam and I love their perspective on coaching calls and interviews. They provide great meditations on their show and interesting interviews. If you feel like you need to feed your spiritual soul then you need some SoulFeed in your life.

Conscious Business with the Corporate Yogi

Conscious Business

Description: Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by investing in their mindset and personal development. Each week this podcast delivers practical business advice fused with ancient spiritual wisdom. You’ll learn from Julie’s wisdom and be inspired by her authenticity. Conscious Business is cheeky, educational and full of entertaining stories. It’s time to bring spirituality out of the closet and into the boardroom.

Why I Like It: When I went to write this post I realized I only had 3 personal development podcasts that I listen to. I wanted to round it out to 5 so I went searching for more and this one came up immediately in new and notable. She only has 7 episodes out at the time of this post but they are goodies. While she is focusing on business scenarios they are all life lessons on how we can approach situations more aware of ourselves and others. I love her voice, how she structures episodes and the advice she gives. She’s definitely going to be on my roster moving forward.

Magic Lessons

Magic Lessons

Description: MAGIC LESSONS are road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge you need when you’re feeling stuck. In alternating episodes, Elizabeth Gilbert talks to people who are facing creative challenges and to guest experts, to offer perspective, advice, and inspiration. Gilbert is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of EAT PRAY LOVE and BIG MAGIC: CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR (published on September 22, 2015). The podcast is produced by and Riverhead Books.

Why I Like It: When I asked my FB friends to suggest their fav personal development podcasts one of my friends suggested Magic Lessons. I’ve been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and am almost finished the book at the time of this post. I love that she’s elongating the ideas about creativity into podcast form and it’s golden. I love Liz’s voice, how she’s doing real phone calls with real fans and helping guide them in their creative journey while also interview big names about the real fan problems. I just love it. She’s got 12 episodes so far and I’ve binge listened to them all over the weekend so I can’t wait for more!

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