My Favourite Personal Development Books

I get asked all the time about what are my favorite personal development books and then I realized I’ve never done a proper round-up of all the books I recommend.

So without further ado!

My Top 10 Personal Development or Self-Help Books!

Top 10 Personal Development Books

In order of my favorite to utmost favorite!

10. The Power of Now – I read this early in my self-development journey. I need to re-read but this taught me simply the concept of living in the present.

9. Big Magic – I’ve never considered myself creative but after reading this I truly embraced that my writing is a creative endeavor and I can use that creativity when I want and it doesn’t have to make me money!

8. The Big Leap – As I stepped into leadership in my dōTERRA business I was scared to take the next step, I was scared of success. This helped me reframe a few mindset things I was working on!

7. The Universe Has Your Back – I’m a massive Gabby Bernstein fan so this is the third one on the list. Number 5 and 3 are my favorites of hers!

6. Daring Greatly – Along with Gabby, you’ll see that I’m a huge Brené Brown fan. This is just a must read in the self-development space.

5. May Cause Miracles – This book is one of the reasons why I was able to work through healing my heart after calling off a wedding in 2012.

4. Rising Strong – This has been my favorite Brené Brown book to date! She taught me to truly stand up for my beliefs and be ok with criticism. She also taught me the value of talking about the stories I create in my head so that I can address them with my life partner 🙂

3. Add More ING To Your Life – This was a perfect read early in my self-help journey and understanding what happiness meant to me.

2. You Are A Badass – The creative director at Kobo, recommended this book to me while I was working there. He even leant me his paperback (shhh don’t tell Kobo) and it really gave me such a no-nonsense on self-development and I loved reading every page.

1. The Happiness Project – This is one of the first self-help books I picked up and it was absolutely perfect for where I was at in my journey and my first recommendation that I always suggest to others looking to start reading self-development books!


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