Why Did I Create a Course Around Solving For Painful Periods?

So I launched my first course! Ahhhhh!!!

You may be surprised to know that I had fear around putting this course together. Who am I to launch a course around solving for painful periods?

But when I really sat down and thought about it and pressed go on creating it I realized that I’ve been playing small for a while now.

I am someone who extensively researches things and curates meaningful information together for others. And that is a service I know I can provide to others. And so Peaceful Periods was born. I stopped questioning myself and just created.

I recently came across a FB thread around how everyone is jumping on the “teaching” bandwagon these days and that some lack complete experience before trying to teach what they’ve learned to others. While this could be true, I’m fairly certain we’re all savvy enough to know who our teachers are going to be and if they are open and upfront about their experience and training then it’s up to us to make educated decisions from there.

So what certification do I have to guide others through creating more Peaceful Periods for themselves?

  • I’ve had a uterus for 35 years!
  • I’ve had painful periods for 23 or those 35 years. That’s approximately 276 periods. I can’t remember the exact month I got my period so let’s estimate a bit less than the full 23 years. So let’s say at least 264 periods x 5 days each x 48 hours a day = over 63,000 hours spent solving for my personal painful periods. Does that mean that according to the 10,000-hour rule I’m qualified? *wink wink*


I jest slightly.

  • I have been able to succesfully reduce my pain so that I’ve gone from being in the fetal position crying on day 1 of my period to a dull pain that’s managed through supplementation, holistic remedies and essential oils.

I’m qualified enough to present you with the tips & tricks that I’ve successfully used to ease my pain during my menstrual cycle. While this by no means will replace working with your health care team, I do believe we are all empowered to learn about how we can support ourselves, discuss solutions with healthcare professionals and then make educated trials with reputable products to take care of ourselves.

Ok so who is this course for?

  • Someone who likes how I present information & education
  • Someone who is willing to take a look at the research and scientific data behind recommendations and work with their healthcare team to implement new strategies.
  • Someone who is willing to be their own science experiment based on the potential reward.

I share in Peaceful Periods the research and scientific data behind the products, tips & tricks I use to solve for painful cramps. I also share anecdotal evidence which is sometimes enough for us to decide “hey that worked for her, is it healthy? yes. Why not try it for myself?”

When I think about it… It’s something I’ve done for years as a brand ambassador. When I was suggesting products like Mizuno running shoes or Magnum sports supplements I did my research, tried the products for myself and then suggested them to my audience. This is no different.

I guess I’m writing this blog post for my own benefit and to answer questions about why I would charge money for this information that I’ve blogged so freely about or shared information on social media.

Because money is an energetic exchange. I’ve put time, resources and energy into creating this for others. Running this website and my dōTERRA business takes resources and expenses. So if you believe this will be beneficial for you I welcome that energetic exchange and am grateful for it. I’ve been playing small in promoting myself as a business for a while now but not anymore.

So if you’re curious to solve for your painful periods head on over here and let’s get started easing some of that menstrual pain. I am beyond excited to guide you towards a more peacful menstrual cycle.

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