Patagonia Packing List

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. G Adventures is compensating me for a portion of my trip. 

I leave for an amazing bucket list trip to Patagonia this Friday night and I want to make sure I’m packed and prepared and ready for just about anything.

Patagonia Packing List

G Adventures has an amazing packing list on their website so I was able to go through it in advance and add any things that I know I’ll need on the trip. I’m using Wunderlist to organize my packing list. So without further ado here is my Patagonia Packing List for the Patagonia Multisport trip.

First up. Here is the clothing I’ll be bringing with me.

Patagonia Clothing Packing List

Here is all the gear that I’ll be carrying on me.

Gear Patagonia Packing List

And last but not least there are some essentials that are integral to me getting in and out of the country safely and securely.

Essential Patagonia Packing List

Other than ensuring everything is going to fit into my big backpack I had a few questions that couldn’t be answered by online research. So I called their 24/7 1.888 number and spent maybe 10 minutes getting 4 questions nicely answered.

  1. I asked if they could arrange for my airport transfer to the hotel in Santiago when I land as I would rather not worry about it upon arrival. These things cause me anxiety so I’d rather be prepared. It’s a bit expensive but the peace of mind is worth it.
  2. I asked if we needed to bring a sleeping bag. It did say sleeping bag provided on the site but I wanted to be extra sure as it takes up so much room in my pack.
  3. I asked if whatever pack we bring down with us we’d have to carry on our 6 day W Trek through the National Park and I found out we can leave a bag in our Puerto Natales hotel and just bring a pack that we are comfortable carrying. We get porters (we fancy huh) to carry our camping equipment (max 3 kg) which is essentially the sleeping bags they provide us.
  4. Last but not least I asked if there was an indication of what type of food we’d be eating. I’ll be bringing freeze dried food down with me just in case due to my meal requirements and I wanted a bit of an indication of how much I’d need to bring. I’ve been told my requirements have been sent down so they will attempt to accommodate me. I’m going to bring digestive enzymes especially lactaid just in case

If you want to follow along on the journey I’ll see how often I get access to WIFI if not I’ll have a full recap once I get back!

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