Paint Lounge

I have really wanted to try Paint lounge ever since it started popping up on daily deal sites for Toronto. This really is a great “epic” (I really love to use this word in daily conversations) date night idea for those who want to explore their creative sides! Paintlounge is all about social painting and has three locations in Toronto. I went to the Toronto West location on College and it was great. There was lots of space to get painting!


For freestyle painting you go in and pay for the canvas. When you go with a date you can buy one and get the 2nd 50% off. I picked the mid size (seen on the left in the image below) and my date picked the full sized canvas (seen on the right in the image below). You pay based on the canvas. The mid size was $40 and the full was $45.


If you’ve never painted before or don’t feel like you’re creative they have ideas online to get your creative juices flowing. They also have sugary snacks to keep your energy up and lots of paint, brushes, sponges and a ton of weird tools to get the your creativity flowing.


Here is the masterpiece I came up with. At first I wanted to paint a cheesy quote “Be Full of Joy” with beautiful bubbles surrounding it but I picked horrible colours and it looked atrocious so I attacked the canvas with a bright yellow and wiped it all out. Then I grabbed red, orange, purple and blue paint, a paint scrapper and I went at it. Aggression and frustration makes for a great piece of art. I may hang this bad boy in my den after I finish redecorating it or buy some paint supplies and paint over it 🙂


Have you ever gone to paint lounge before or done social painting?

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