You are meant to thrive and not just survive

Hi, I’m Robyn Pineault (formerly Baldwin). I’m excited you’re here.

Robyn Pineault

How Can I Help You?

I sell essential oils to support healthy daily habits, share tips and tricks on The Alpha Female Podcast, offer health coaching for those with an autoimmune disease and published a book on creating a life that you love after heartbreak.


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      So when I decided to start my fitness training I started 3 things right away. Cardio Weight Training Nutrition I wasn’t the best informed but I knew how to research,…

      Skinny Fat Does Exist

      In the October 2009 issue of Oxygen Magazine (one of my favs!) there was an article by publisher Robert Kennedy titled “Are You Skinny Fat?” It really resonated with me…

      My Social Media Tools

      Here are the ways that I stay up-to-date on a daily basis on my world around me. Facebook: Some people take smoke breaks. I take FB breaks. I leave the…

      Third Time’s A Charm

      I now have 3 fitness competitions under my belt. 8 months of experimenting with fitness training, meal planning and supplement taking to achieve a goal. Contest #1: WBFF World Championships…

      My List of Gym Do’s & Dont’s

      After spending countless hours in the gym over the past year I’ve seen my share of weird stuff, gross stuff and some nice things as well. Here is my list…

      Why did I become a media planner?

      I have been on a blogging hiatus. We could chalk it up to writer’s block or lack of creativity or busy time period at work. But I’m back. Pondering why…

      Bald Men Get Ratings

      This line from Media in Canada made my morning: “Flashpoint will go into production on a second season of the shot-in-Toronto action series early next year after CTV ordered 13 more…

      Alpha Female

      “A dominant or assertive woman, a woman boss, the leader among a group of females.” – Source: Urban Dictionary As I choose which path my blog will take I have…

      My Fitness Why

      In January 2009, I recognized a former Ti-Cats cheerleader (Ashley Harrison) on the cover of Oxygen. We didn’t cheer together the same year but I recognized her from pictures. I immediately said in my head, if she can do it why can’t I? So we’ll chalk up my fitness passion AHA moment to a competitive “I can do what you can do” mentality.