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Hi, I’m Robyn Pineault (formerly Baldwin). I’m excited you’re here.

Robyn Pineault

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I sell essential oils to support healthy daily habits, share tips and tricks on The Alpha Female Podcast, offer health coaching for those with an autoimmune disease and published a book on creating a life that you love after heartbreak.


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      2023 Goals and Intentions

      2023 Goals & Intentions

      Well here we are again, the beginning of a new year and I’ve got some goals to get. Without further ado, here are my 2023 Goals & Intentions. So the…

      2022 Year In Review

      2022 Year In Review

      Every year before sitting down to set some goals for the year, I decide how I want to feel as I move through the year. Most importantly, how do I…

      The Pineaults Christmas

      Making Holiday Memories

      It’s the Monday after remembrance day. We decorated our house for Christmas this past weekend and couldn’t be more excited about the holidays. I am all about creating memories for…

      Meal Prepping vs Fresh Cooking

      Meal Prepping vs. Fresh Cooking

      To meal prep or not to meal prep. That is the question at hand. Do you prefer meal prepping in advance of the start of the week or fresh cooking…

      Robyn Pineault Wearing A Hat

      10 Lessons Learned In My Last Decade

      Dear Robyn, Welcome to your next-decade tour around the sun. Your thirties were at times the most painful and beautiful experiences you’ve had in your life. You’ve learned so much…

      What Is The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol?

      What is the autoimmune paleo protocol? Who created it? What are the benefits of me incorporating it into my lifestyle? These may be some of the many questions flooding your…

      Seed Starting

      Self-Reliance Challenge: Seed Starting

      This year I decided I wanted to learn one new skill a month to become more self-reliant. For April, I chose seed starting so I could learn to grow a…

      Using Essential Oils On Babies

      We’ve been using essential oils around and on our babies since they were tiny, tiny human beings. Our twins are now almost two and using essential oils (especially at bedtime)…

      dōTERRA Launching In India

      dōTERRA Launching In India

      I’m so excited to announce that dōTERRA is launching in India in 2022. As someone, who lives in Canada I’ve never gotten involved in another country’s launch before. But there…

      Know Your Worth

      Knowing Your Worth

      “Unfortunately, we’re going to have to let you go.” A sentence I have now heard for the third time in my career. I am clearly in need of learning a…

      High Liver Enzymes

      Getting To The Bottom of My Liver Health

      Disclaimer: I am sharing information about a supplement plan reviewed and suggested by my naturopath. Please see your/a health care professional(s) before taking anything new or changing your supplementation plan. Almost…

      Educating Myself Around Bitcoin

      Educating Myself Around All Things Crypto: Bitcoin

      Halfway through 2021, I decided that it was HIGH time I educate myself on all things cryptocurrency. I’m glad that I didn’t live completely under a rock. And that I…