Our Skoolie Conversion

So we did something fun at the beginning of the year. And by we I mean my husband bought a school bus to convert it into an RV (otherwise known as a skoolie conversion)! The bus’s name is the Great Canadian BlockBUSTter and I will get to reap the rewards of future adventures on the bus!

He purchased it from a mine in Northern Ontario at the beginning of January and then spent the next 2 and a half months converting it so he could drive it across Canada for the move from Ottawa to Port Alberni.

He even started an Instagram account to capture the conversion and adventures.


This was one of the reasons why he didn’t join me in Port Alberni at the beginning of the year. Other than wrapping up some work projects, packing up our house and attending 2 of his best friends Stag and Does for their weddings this summer.

Mike Working On The Bus
Bus Interior

Here are the conversion steps Mike took before the cross Canada drive.

  1. Removed interior paneling & rivets
  2. Removed old insulation
  3. Stripped old wiring
  4. Removed passenger heater
  5. Removed excessive rust
  6. Rustproofed floor
  7. Patched holes
  8. Framed in walls
  9. Spray foam wall insulation
  10. Installed rigid foam insulation for floor
  11. Installed flooring
  12. Installed camera system
  13. Installed electrical
  14. Installed wall paneling
  15. Installed solar system with breaker panel, charge controller, inverter, and batteries
  16. Install kitchen cabinets, stove & fridge
  17. Loaded 2 seater-couch
  18. Install toilet
  19. Install lighting
  20. Loaded TV
  21. Ran propane lines for stove
  22. Installed wood-burning fireplace
  23. Built and installed Queen size bed
  24. Painted the sides grey (you can’t have a fully yellow school bus when converting to an RV)

His Dad took some vacation time to come down and help. Mike loved working alongside his Dad and couldn’t have gotten all that they got done without him. We are so grateful because it got him out to me safely and comfortably in the bus.

Painting the bus

Mike, his friend and the dogs left Ottawa on March 9th. He dropped his friend off in Vancouver for the flight home and made his way to our house on March 13th. They made great time across Canada sharing the driving or Mike put in really long hours behind the wheel to get here in only 5 days!

Mike driving the Bus
Bus Dogs

Now safely in our RV laneway (most houses out here have extra parking for RVs) Mike can finish up the renovations for our exploring adventures on the West Coast!

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