Our Breastfeeding / Bottle Feeding / Diaper Changing Cart

After our private childbirth education classes with our postpartum doula, she recommended we create a breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding/diaper changing cart that we could roll around the house. 

She recommended making one for our bedroom and one for the living room. However, we live in a bungalow or a rancher (what they call single-story houses out west) so we don’t have to navigate any stairs. I figured we can easily roll this from the bedroom to the living room in the first few months of life with the twins. I also decided that once the twins are sleeping in the nursery more, I can wheel this into the nursery beside our glider.

Breastfeeding Cart

Here are the items I included:

Breastfeeding Items


I purchased the Earth Mama organic nipple butter. I really liked the ingredients, and while I thought that I might want to make my own DIY version in the future, this was one product I figured was easier to buy at the beginning. It contains olive oil, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, mango seed butter, and calendula flower extract.

PS. I never found time to make my own! LOL

I actually bought 2! Someone I met in Port Alberni gave me the most amazing gift basket of baby items and it included her Medela Freestyle pump. I started with this on the breastfeeding cart due to its smaller size but ended up storing it in the kitchen so I could easily put it in our diaper bag for travel.
We also bought a second pump after a twin dad shared that their breast pump died at the most inopportune time and his wife was in so much pain so he said if we could afford it, purchase a second pump just in case. Thankfully our benefit plan covered 80% up to $300 so I purchased the Medela Pump In Style and stored this in the cart.
Nursing Pads

I posted an IG story asking for everyone’s best recommendations for a hands-free pumping bra and I got several suggestions to grab the Medela Hands-Free Pumping Bra. So I grabbed a large and it fit perfectly. I also got a few recos to just cut holes in an old sports bra but none of mine fit anymore.

I ended up using these A LOT. I had thrush for 3 months so I was constantly applying cream to my nipples after each feeding and instead of getting my bras messy, I would just throw these in the wash consistently.


Medela got all my money! I ordered a box of 100 bags and I received another box of 100 bags as a baby registry gift. I never ended up making much of an oversupply so I ended up giving away and selling the unused bags. 

So while I’m going to attempt to tandem feed as much as possible or pump both breasts at the same time there may be times where I’m only breastfeeding one babe at a time. To ensure that I’m saving every ounce of milk I have a Hakaa that I can use to catch milk from the other boob! *Updated* I never ended up using this as I was barely making enough supply to feed our daughter. I actually only used this to unblock clogged milk ducts.

Milk Production

We received a ton of hand-me-downs and gifts off our registry so we have an ample supply of these! One of the brands we put on our registry was the Hudson cloths.

I rolled this over my boobs after each feeding to support milk production. 

Just use an empty 10 ml roller bottle and add 10 – 15 drops of each oil and top with fractionated coconut oil. 

Diaper Changing Items

Diaper Changing Items
Pampers Pure Newborn Diapers

There are several ways you can get free diapers to start out. I applied for the Pampers, Huggies, and Hello Bello free diapers so we could try them all out and then order more once we figure out which ones we like. We also received baby shower gifts of Honest Diapers and Bamboo Natural so we have lots of different kinds to trial. Once those ran out we purchased the Hello Bello bundle but found they were not good for blow outs. We landed on Pampers Pure Protection and used this brand the entire time our twins were in diapers. 

Along with the free diapers we were sent a few different sample wipes to try out. I also bought a box of the Babyganics Baby Wipes after checking out their rating on the Think Dirty app. We kept buying the Pampers Pure wipes or the Huggies Natural Care wipes.


Thankfully dōTERRA makes an amazing diaper cream. I started stocking up on this over the course of the year leading up to the twins birth so I wouldn’t have to worry about running out.

And while I had burp clothes for wiping up messes, etc. You can never have enough Kleenex on hand. I watched a lot of TV and movies in the first few months and I’m a sucker for a good chick flick that would make me cry so having a handy box of Kleenex nearby while the babes were both on me was helpful. 

Joovy Playard

We put the Kushies Organic Change Pad on our registry. It comes in a bunch of different colours but we have a thing for grey. We would put this down on the couch or bed for random diaper changes. 

We ended up buying a Joovy playard that we set up in the living room. It has a changing pad on top of it so we moved all the diaper-changing supplies to this area.

Baby Comfort Items


We used this unscented moisturizer on the babes after their bath but I kept a bottle on our cart for dry hands and boobs. 

There are so many different swaddles that you can purchase. We found the most success with a good ol muslin swaddles.

Itzy Ritzy Pacifiers
Nose Frida

I was hoping to avoid using a pacifier for as long as possible to minimize nipple confusion for breastfeeding. We received the Phillips Avent & Itzy Ritzy pacifiers from our baby registry. Our son Ryland was primarily bottle-fed from the beginning and had a wicked witching hour so we used pacifiers with him for much success.

We received the NoseFrida off of our registry but I’ve heard amazing things about the oogiebear brand as well. We didn’t have to use this until our kids were much bigger as they never got sick as babies. 

You never know when a blowout can happen or spit up so it’s helpful to have extra around to change into!

I didn’t think we’d need these but damn baby fingernails are razor sharp and they like to flail them around! 

Mom Comfort Items

Teal Yeti

I recently purchased a Yeti (Seafoam colour) tumbler and I love how cold it keeps my water. As a breastfeeding mama it was so important to keep this filled up at all times. 

Another dōTERRA product that I love is the lip balm. I usually always have these on my order for myself or because I include them in welcome packages for new customers.

Snacks: My go-to snacks were Kind, RX, and Vega Bars.

Kobo eReader or Paper Books: I still have my Kobo eReader from when I worked for the company with a ton of books still loaded on it, so I’ll be catching up on as many books as I can while breastfeeding. 

*Update* I was never able to pick up my Kobo. It was much easier to watch TV since both my hands were kinda full with twins. So much for wishful thinking as a new twin mom! 

Happy Cart Creating! Is there anything I’ve forgotten that you would include?

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