Online Dating Profile of an OCR Racer

This post is inspired by a hilarious text conversation with one of my friends about what an online dating profile would look like for an Obstacle Course Racer. So all in good fun if I were to start online dating this is what my profile would look like 🙂


Name: Robyn

Sex: Female

Looking For: Spartan Alpha Male

Must Haves: 

Must be willing to rub Traumeel (muscle pain rub) on hard-to-reach areas at night

Must still love me when I’m injured and I can’t train and I’m pouting

If you don’t run OCRs you must be ok being my race Sherpa so you can see me on race weekends

Buying rope & hanging rope from tree branches for rope climbs are normal weekend chores

Foam rolling on a Friday night is as wild as I get

Sleeping in on weekends is not an option. I’m either training or running a race

I will probably give you trail shoes as Birthday or Christmas presents

Our laundry room will always be muddy

If we go for a walk I will climb anything I see

If we’re driving in the country and I yell stop and flip a Tractor tire and do 30 burpees on the side of the road you cannot look at me funny


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