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So I reported in my 1st week with MS blog post that I was also going to seek treatment at Soul 7 including all my other holistic practices. The healing technology facility in Toronto has the use of an Electromagnetic device called ONDAMED® that I’ve received 3 treatments on so far. If I had to explain what it does in 3 bullet points the easiest way would be:

1. The ONDAMED Biofeedback System applies electromagnetic impulses in rhythmic sequences.
2. The changing of the magnetic field structure of the impulse induces reactions in the body.
3. The impulses induce effects that stimulate the autoregulation of the body.


And by auto regulation I understand it to mean my body starts to resonate at optimal levels of health to heal or keep itself healthy.


Before I got started I wanted to ensure I was doing research on the technology being used on me. I started off with a study done by Thomas Jefferson University on pain reduction.

“The pilot study analyzed the safety of the ONDAMED® Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device. The treatment protocol was only 3 sessions since the purpose of the study was to document safety only. What was unexpected is that a significant reduction in pain was reported with just 3 sessions. The recommended protocol for ONDAMED® is at least 10-12 treatments.”

Then I wanted to find case studies specifically for MS treatments. Has this worked on others with MS? A patient Deirdre had ONDAMED® treatments from the 13th of February till the 15th of May 2013. It was very apparent that there had been many improvements in Deirdre over this short time.

She reported:

  • Improved energy
  • Improved sense of wellbeing/mood – clear head
  • Better digestive system
  • Increased balance and coordination -ie. Deirdre can now again dress and undress and do her buttons. She can blow dry her hair. She can again stand while showering. Deirdre can bend to load the washing machine and even squat. And Deirdre is now again wearing her runners and is able to lift her feet so as they don’t catch the floor.

Here’s how the process has worked for me so far. On the first day, I was scanned for energy blockages. A neck device was placed around my neck (see selfie below) and Bob, the founder of Soul 7, applied electromagnetic resonance to my body while feeling pulse spikes. The pulse spikes would indicate energy blockages in my body.

Ondamed Technology

The machine managed to alert us to blockages in my head, neck & intestines. The blockages correspond to frequency numbers that I would then be treated at later. I found this fascinating because my MS lesions are in my brain, and neck and I had been dealing with intestinal problems after the steroid treatment. The next time I came in I had a scan that was done to find the most “important” blockage on my left & right side. On my second treatment, we started treating both of those areas.


On my third treatment, we decided to treat my head & intestine area as I’ve been dealing with gastrointestinal problems. I’m happy to report that based on food changes & the ONDAMED® treatments my intestinal problems are slowly getting better. I’m excited to receive more treatments and to record my progress on symptoms.

If you’re curious about finding out more here is the website for ONDAMED® & Soul 7.

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