Why I’m Obsessed with Trello

I’m pretty good at organizing my life! From using a paper planner to create packing lists on Wunderlist to organizing my podcast production workflow on Asana to planning a group menu for a cottage weekend on Trello to tracking my dōTERRA business in Google Sheets. But as I start typing this out, yes I realize it’s all over the place.

I finally decided to give Trello more attention and focus and I’ve streamlined everything from packing lists to podcast production to dōTERRA business tracking within the platform and I’m now fully obsessed with TRELLO!

What I love about the platform is that I only have to open 1 tab on my online browser and I can organize and streamline information into one place and go from there. I’m not opening my google drive and struggling to find where I saved things based on what side hustle I’m working on. But I’m still using storage options like DropBox and Google Drive but it’s just easier to find files based on what project I’m working on.

I’ve moved our camping and vacation packing lists over to Trello and I’ve even organized my fiancé, Mike’s, new woodworking business on the platform so we can track orders within there.

The reason for my new found obsession is after taking an online self-study course called Take Charge with Trello created by Andrea Nordling. She’s a nutritional therapy practitioner and also runs a Direct Sales business so I was immediately impressed with her ability to juggle side hustles. She’s amazing at explaining the platform and the course she’s created to walk you through it was only $37 USD! I launched into the course over two days and revamped all my online organization. I even became an affiliate because I believe in her course so much.

So to provide you with some free value I created  2 public boards for you to copy into your personal Trello account. I show you how to copy it into your account in the Podcast Production video. I’ve made one for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to track their new leads and customers and one for Podcast hosts to track their scheduling and production! I hope these help streamline your systems!

Example Podcast Production Board

Example Customer Tracking Board

If you’d like to dive into her course click here: Take Charge with Trello Course

And if you also run a Direct Sales Biz (aka Network Marketing) she also has another course called Your Direct Sales Biz-in-a-Box Course that will help you learn how to automate and promote your business online. Take a look…

Now get organizing 🙂

Affiliate Link Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you if you choose to enroll in the amazing courses that Andrea offers, I will receive a commission for introducing this amazing way of organizing to you. 

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