Meditation Challenge

I’m really excited to announce my second meditation challenge for the year!

7 Day Meditation Challenge

Meditation has been really important for me for a while now and I got serious around creating the habit earlier this year. I’ve also shared how it’s helping me get through stressful times this year. I’ve even interview amazing guests on the Alpha Female Podcast around the topic. You can listen to the episode with Alex Ure or Emily Fletcher.


When: Monday, November 25 – Friday, November 29

What is it? Meditate for 5 days, you choose the length of time and whether you do guided or unguided meditations.

What do you get from me? I’ll send you an email every day with a guided meditation from the Insight Timer app, essential oil diffuser blend suggestions and I’m giving away daily prizes and a grand prize just for participating!

Sign Up Here:


So whether this challenge helps you start meditating simply for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week or you decided to deepen your current practice by time or by trying a new technique. I hope this challenge serves you by not only potentially rewarding you with amazing prizes but also potentially the accountability that a challenge allows us to have 🙂

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