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Do you live to move? Do you move to feel alive? Do you make every move count?

If you can answer yes to all three questions then Nike Training Club is for you. I’ve been using the app for about a year now. Sometimes I don’t want to make up my own moves and need to source a great workout. So this is my go-to place. The app was developed with Marie Purvis who was the face of Nike Dynamic Training which became Nike Women’s Training which has now become Nike Training Club. She helped develop the app’s workouts and is now the master trainer around the world for this program.

Now joining her ranks is my best friend Eva Redpath! On Monday, September 16th she was announced as Nike Training Club’s first and only master trainer in Canada!

Eva Redpath – Canada’s First Master Nike Training Club Trainer
Eva & Marie before the event!

Nike invited a whole slew of fantastic women out to the AGO on Monday night for a workout. I arrived at the venue just before 6 pm at an amazing space. Let me tell you… working out in an art gallery with amazing light brings your workout game to a new level. We received towels, water bottles and a cute tank top for the workout which we were urged to wear. It was kind of awesome to all have the same uniform. They handed out Nike Fuel bands as well so we could track our work (which they let us leave with! WOOT!) Oh & the other thing that brings your workout to a whole new level is having your every move filmed by cameramen. Let me tell you I did not stop smiling or having perfect form in case I was caught on film. Can they follow me around daily so I work out harder? Ok.

You Can. You Will.
Nike Swag: Bag, Towel, Water Bottle & Nike Fuel Band!

Ok back to the event, Aliya Jasmine from MTV Canada (? I think) was the MC for the event and introduced Marie & Eva. Oh and then they brought out a Gold Medal Olympic Women’s Hockey Player Tessa. I had arm jealousy from her shoulder caps. She’s nice and ripped.


Marie & Eva led us through a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workout that had us dripping with sweat. The movements used only our body weight and were the perfect full-body workout that included strengthening and cardio moves. At one point during tricep pushups, I even had Marie’s eye on me urging me on. After the workout, she confessed that she dropped to her knees when I kept going. An ego boost for the day is complete!

Top Left: Eva & I, Top Right: Aliya, Tessa, Eva & Marie, Bottom Left: Working Out, Bottom Right: Marie & I

So at your next workout. Will you make every move count?

To help you out Nike is offering intro classes at the Academy of Lions. You can check the schedule out on their FB page. Right now they are Toronto only!

Get out there and move and download the app if you need something to freshen up or keep your workouts going.


3 thoughts on “Nike Training Club Canada

  1. I’ve been using the app for a year when I travel for work – it’s so easy and awesome to use in a hotel room, and it sure does get you sweating!
    I also have it for my Wii (but haven’t set it up yet because my condo is sooooo small! I’m hoping to have it set up for winter) because I loved it on my phone!

  2. Hi Robyn, I hope you’re well 😊 I really hope that you don’t mind what I’m about to ask however I have been trying to get in contact with someone that would be able to guide me through the steps of becoming a master trainer or an ambassador lik yourself? I have been in the fitness Industry for over 10 years and I would love to be a trainer with Nike impacting individuals while encouraging them to live a more active lifestyle. If you could help with pointing me in the right dirention I would so appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Hi Natalie! I don’t know what it’s like to become a master trainer so you’d have to reach out to one of them. But when it comes to brand ambassador work all I can tell you is build an authentic personal brand that provides value to your audience. As you start to have an audience you can start showcasing how brands fit seamlessly into your life. From there you can reach out to brands to ask them to partner with you in things like product reviews or brand showcases on social media.

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