Nightmares of Ballet Class

So the week of December 7th I started training at Florida Jacks at Yonge/Bloor with Marcus Taylor from X Factor Sports. I choose Marcus and his partner Charles Dixon to help me prep for the 2010 season. Marcus trains me and Charles is going to manage my meal plans. These guys are “hardcore” bodybuilders. When I say “hardcore” I mean my body is probably as big as one of Charles’ biceps. And Marcus may be shorter than me but he could snap me in half. So when I say these guys will whip me into shape I have no doubt.

I knew Marcus was going to be tough but I didn’t realize I’d be having nightmares with him involved already.  And they all go back to my roots of growing up as a ballerina and correct posture. Ok so quick story. I started ballet at a very young age. I don’t really remember what age I first started taking classes but I started dancing around the living room as a lil one.


I was always very tiny. Perfect stick thin ballerina body. I never really had to work on my posture. I remember being yelled at all the time by my ballet teachers that it was engrained in my head to stand tall, chest up, bum tucked under. Then ballet stopped around age 13. A month later I discovered that my boobs were blooming! And the posture turned for worse. Those things were getting big and I wanted to hide them. So the shoulders started to round and I hunched. Been doing it for a while. But get me in front of people, on stage or on a dance floor and my posture’s fine.

So my first session training I realized that I’ve never really been standing properly. Marcus fixed my posture several times and even had to force my shoulders back a couple of times. Then he started “yelling” at me about my posture. Not truly yelling but in my head yes 🙂 “How you exercise is how you look” “How you exercise is how you look”. Then he said you’re going to be hearing that sentence in your sleep. No doubt. First night after training and who do I have a nightmare about but Marcus yelling at me to sit up straight. I must’ve slept like a board all night! (Sorry Marcus. I know you don’t look like an old ballet teacher but that’s what I pictured!)


I was trying to think what my New Year’s Resolution was going to be. I’m starting early. Focusing on my posture while working out and will push myself during the day to sit up straight at my desk and in meetings. If I can minimize the times that Marcus yells at me to stick my chest out or has to pull my shoulders back I will be a happy camper.

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