Nicaragua Memories

Monday, I reviewed Surf Tours Nicaragua and Wednesday I covered what I learned about Nicaragua and about myself in this post. Without further ado here are my favourite memories (lots of pictures) from my trip.

1. Sunset Board Meetings. Paddling out while the sun is setting and sitting on your board is an indescribable feeling.

View from my Go Pro
Sunset Board Meeting
View from the surf guide’s Go Pro (I’m on the left!)

2. Morning Yoga with Kayla: I got the chance for a private session with Kayla (the in-house yoga expert). We commandeered the Rancho, laid out our mats and stretched and flowed. It was amazing to practice with her. I kinda really love her soul. Plus she did adjustments on me that were amazeballs. I love hands-on yoga 🙂


3. Sitting on the Board for the First Time! Can’t you see how excited I was?


3. The camp has two dogs: Luke and Leila. Leila and I had an adventure during the week at Transito but my love affair with Luke was epic. During yoga one morning Luke wouldn’t leave me alone. He had to lie on my mat the whole time. It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair.


One afternoon Kayla & Alison and I went out on the boards to have fun. I just wanted to feel the waves underneath me so I chose to ride a wave in on my stomach. We had brought the dogs out with us and Luke came bounding at me. I was about 100 ft from shore and was slowly riding in. Luke jumped right on my back, paws on my shoulders and we rode in all the way 🙂 Although Kay Kay was laughing too hard to grab a pic we got Luke on a board for this gem of a shot below.


4. Lobster Dinner in Miramar: for Alison’s birthday we ordered a lobster dinner in town. The ladies of a small restaurant cooked over the fire for us. Three of us had lobster, two had fish and one had chicken. The meals were huge, filling and tasted amazing. The meal cost $8 USD and was so filling. I loved this experience and the ability to give the ladies business and a tip they very well deserved was so worth it.

Nicaragua Lobster Dinner
Nicaragua Cooking

6. Transito Beach: One day we took the camp van over to Transito to catch smaller white water waves. I lost a contact here so was a bit disoriented with one blind eye but went on an amazing walk with Leila over to the tide pools!

Transito Beach
Transito Beach

7. Volcano Lake swimming: Kayla took me on a quick hike near some of the inland volcanos and swam in one of the lakes at their base. It was so eeery I swore zombies were going to jump us or the cast of Lost were going to appear.

Volcano Lake
Volcano Lake

 8. Reading on the Rancho in the Hammock: nuff said.


9. Sunsets from the Beach


10. Walks along the Beach

Nicaragua Beach
Nicaragua Beach

11. New Friendships


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