My New Morning Routine

A morning routine is everything! Those days when I have an amazing morning routine it just sets me up to have the best day ever. I also want to yell “I can take over the world!” after a powerful morning routine.

In 2015 I posted about my healthy morning habits, but since moving to Ottawa I’ve had to figure out a new routine. I thought I could pick it up and transport it easily from my life in Toronto to Ottawa and I was so sadly mistaken. I’ve found that I’m very visually cued to execute a habit or routine. If I see supplements on the counter, it’s a lot easier to remember to take them then when they are in a cupboard.

While my morning routine is still very similar it wasn’t until I wrote it down in order of what I’d like to follow and look at that sheet of paper in the morning that I started implementing it more easily.

4:50 am – Alarm goes off

4:55 am – Let dogs out. Sometimes they come in 10 mins later other days they stay outside and play to their heart’s content for hours.

5:00 am – Put water on to boil, fill a glass halfway with room temp water, add 1 scoop of glutamine, juice 1/2 of a lemon and add to water, fill the glass the rest of the way with hot water from the kettle, stir and drink. I also start making the coffee at this time and pour myself a cup.

5:10 am – Sit down at the computer or on the couch cuddled up with Rogue beside me and start a morning meditation from Kris Carr’s Self-Care for Busy People meditations. I play her meditations off of iTunes while hugging my coffee cup.

5:20 or 5:30 am – Power Hour of Work – I use this time to blog, podcast or tackle dōTERRA tasks (like responding to messages, following up with booking classes or putting together sample care packages).

6:40 am – Oil pulling while hopping in the shower, put on makeup & tame my hair.

7:20 am – Put water on to boil to make chaga or matcha green tea for my commute to work.

7:30 am – Pack meal bag with 3 meals, a fresh juice (made Sunday night) and take 4 drops of liquid vitamin D.

7:40 am – Listen to a podcast during my commute to work. My favourites lately have been the Good Life Project, Ask Gary Vee or Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder.

8:30 am – Arrive at the office, periscope / FaceBook live my morning intention setting practice of the day live from the parking lot into homes anywhere that choose to tune in!

*The only thing I hope to add to this list is dry brushing before I hop in the shower. I am still not doing this consistently but only every so often.

What do you want your morning routine to look like? Are you a pro at your morning routine?

Share your tips for implementation in the comments below!

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