We Bought A House in Port Alberni!

I’m so thankful that we bought a house in Port Alberni!

When I moved to Port Alberni at the beginning of the year, I had found an Airbnb to live in for the short term. They didn’t have any bookings until the Spring so I was able to rent month to month with them. I thought the place was a dream come true. The location was out on Sproat Lake so we’re talking gorgeous views on non-cloudy & rainy days (which have been few and far between).

However, it wasn’t really a dream come true. The Airbnb hosts who live above the unit I’m in, while lovely, are smokers and the smoke seeped into the unit. I’ve had a constant headache and stuffed up nose the entire time I was there.

To make matters worse, there is a rodent living in the ceiling above the tiles. Let me tell you it’s large enough that when it moves I can see the ceiling tiles move. So needless to say I needed to get out of there ASAP.

I tried finding other short-term rentals but couldn’t find anything within my budget that was half as nice as this place. Meanwhile, the real estate hunt had begun. I had started looking at places when I came out here in November for my initial interview. I had discounted a house because there was no tub in the master ensuite bathroom but after looking at well over 10 properties, I revisited the house I had seen in November.

It was on a quiet street at the end of a road. It has 3 bedrooms + a den (for a home office). The backyard was a great size compared to other houses. It was a brand new build, never lived in before. It had a vast open living area off the kitchen. The house backs onto a trail system which means no cars or neighbours behind us! It had a decent-sized mud/laundry room. A 2 car garage and parking down the side for our new skoolie (school bus turned RV) which Mike is currently renovating in Ottawa.

And so, we bought a house!

I got the keys on Friday. I ordered furniture for the guest bedroom off of Wayfair so I could move in as soon as possible. Our stuff will arrive later in March and I spent a weekend shopping for kitchen essentials (which we’ll just sell what we have back in Ottawa).

So excited to make this place our home!

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