My New 2020 Winter Bucket List

So after making my 2019/2020 Winter Bucket List and posting it on the blog my life got flipped upside down with the imminent move out West… so I’ve redone my 2020 Winter Bucket List based on west coast living.

2020 Winter Bucket List - West Coast Style

My mom is going to fly out to Vancouver Island with me at the beginning of the new year to help me get settled while Mike wraps up some things in Ottawa and then manages our move across the country.

I’m going to rope her into as many winter activities that will be fun to do with someone and then I’ll tackle a bunch of items on my own before Mike joins me. He may fly out in February so I may book a cabin weekend in Tofino and hope to cross off storm watching at the same time. I love that I’m going to be so close to one of my favourite places in the world!

Stay tuned for all the fun. You know I’ll capture it and share it on the blog and Instagram!

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