My WBFF 2010 Mindset

I just competed at the 2010 WBFF World Championships in Toronto on September 18th, 2010. Last year I competed and was completely overwhelmed with the experience. This year not only did I prepare physically but I put myself in a completely different mindset. I went into the weekend with 3 goals; 1. Have fun 2. Network with photographers 3. Introduce myself to other models who I haven’t connected with before through social media.

You may have noticed I didn’t put a placing goal in the mix. I would have loved to place top 10, top 5, hell to even win. But I’m more realistic in my approach. I know where my body needs to be and what needs improving. So since I know I was lacking in some areas I took this chance to expose myself even more into the world of fitness. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t walk out onto that stage with complete confidence. I’ve got stage presence down pat. The years of ballet and musical theatre have definitely paid off. I’ve also worked my butt off this year training. If you look below at the pics of me side by side I’ve increased my muscle mass, developed my abs a bit more and you can see more muscle definition on my legs! So for me I see it as a  success.

But what I’m really proud of…. is a bigger butt!! Growing the shelf!

I accomplished my goal of having fun. I smiled and chatted with people backstage and listened to pump up music when the negative comments in the changeroom got too much. I introduced myself to Kris Josef, David Ford and GW Burns for the first time. Three amazing photographers that I admire and would love to work with. I also ran around chatting with Chady Dunmore, Bree Lind and Claire Rae who I had never got the chance to meet in person yet. And even got some time with a Twitter friend Mindy Karuk. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and want to thank Paul & Alison Dillett for providing a great show in Toronto where I can showcase my hard work. I love the WBFF because I’m able to meet great friends in the industry and they provide a stage where I am completely challenged to better my physique year after year so that I can chase after that pro card.

Here’s to another great year and already looking forward to 2011!

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