My Social Media Tools

Here are the ways that I stay up-to-date on a daily basis on my world around me.

Facebook: Some people take smoke breaks. I take FB breaks. I leave the FB window open all day on my internet browser and can see if I’m getting facebook chat messages, new notifications or mail, etc.


Tweetdeck: Desktop application that allows me to view my following feed, @ replies, DMs, find potential new follows and a facebook feed


Ubertwitter: BlackBerry phone app that let’s me keep up w/ Twitter while I’m on the go. Subway morning reading to see what happened while I was sleeping and checking in the evenings before I go to sleep.

Brizzly: A web based application that allows me to group who I’m following on Twitter. In theory great idea, haven’t implemented it yet.



Adnews: Everything from brand campaigns to website sponsorships to who’s hiring who in the advertising/marketing landscape


Media In Canada: New campaign launches, new media initiatives and info about top shows and advertisers on radio or TV


Marketing Magazine Online: Organized by Agency News, Marketer News, Media News, PR News, Awards and Letters to the Editor



Google Reader: Gotta stay current on my lifestyle reads. My favourites are Coco & Lowe, The Broken Heel Diaries, What Women Want, Oxygen Mag’s The Real Deal and Dj Lissa Monet. I also indulge in The Segment, her lil black book, hey do you, sugarshock beauty blog, no one likes a smart ass, and beautygeeks.

I am shying away from adding anything new to my current list as it already takes up a lot of my time. So I need a new invention or someone to read everything and condense it for me 🙂

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