My Secret Weapon

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In the past two months I have discovered David’s Tea at Yonge / Eglinton.

I was offered a great blend called Secret Weapon at my first visit. It has been my go-to morning tea during this crazy flu season. It is made with White Bai Mu Dan tea which really means nothing to me but the little add ins are what make the tea. So the tea on it’s own is high in antioxidants and they add in bits of licorice and goji berries for the added oomph of more antioxidants. This helps me combat all the crazy free radicals that affect my body every day from potentially getting the flu to recuperating after a hard workout. The goji berries are also supposed to have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges according to the label.

The best part though for me is that it’s flavoured with almonds and cocoa nibs for a rich flavour boost.

Check out the store locations online. My favourite is the uptown Yonge/Eg location, there is one at Queen West beside the Rivoli and one on Bloor West as well.

It looks like 1 has opened up in Vancouver, 3 in Montreal and 1 in Laval.

Happy steeping.

One thought on “My Secret Weapon

  1. I am fully obsessed with DavidsTea!! Not only are their teas amazing, the people who work at the Queen Street location are the sweetest people on the planet!! They will explain a million types of tea to you without even the slightest feeling that they want to throw it in your face! Their customer service is beyond!
    My current favorite is Jumpy Monkey but I’m so going to try Secret Weapon, sounds delish!!

    p.s. they also have wicked gift ideas and their packaging is heaven!

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