My List of Gym Do’s & Dont’s

After spending countless hours in the gym over the past year I’ve seen my share of weird stuff, gross stuff and some nice things as well. Here is my list of Gym Do’s & Dont’s. Hopefully you get a kick out of these, can totally relate or maybe see something you do and didn’t realize others may be making fun of you on blogs, twitter or facebook. Just looking out for all the gym peeps 🙂

1. Cardinal Rule Number 1: Wear Deodarant. ‘Nuff Said.

2. Making Weird Noises throughout your entire set. I totally understand the need to grunt to finish of a heavy set sometimes. But there is this one gentleman at my gym who grunts despite the set, despite the number of reps. Mind you he’s wearing headphones and may not be aware of the caveman status I have given him but it’s awkward for the rest of the gym goers to witness this manly display of exertion.

3. Working In. The term used when you see someone on the machine you want to use and ask them to work in. In other words share the machine. You could receive the answer: “I’ve only got one more set”. Cool. “I’ll wait until your done” scenario happens. If they’ve just started then they should allow you to share the machine. I do one set. You do one set. So on and so forth. If they say no and look like they might eat you, probably best to just move along and avoid problem.

4. Carry a Towel. The gym I work out at provides them in the change room and on the gym floor. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have one with you to put on the bench or wipe up your sweat after a set. I don’t care if you think you didn’t sweat. I don’t want the heeby jeebies on the bench no matter how hot you are 🙂

5. Put the Weights Back. One time I had to remove six 45 plates off the leg press. I wanted to thank the guy for the amazing arm workout I was getting in on my leg day. Always leave the plate machines with nothing on them. Easy? Cool.

6. Cover Up. Ok so you’re back in the gym. You’re getting the body that you want. Now you’re going to flaunt it. Totally understand the need for tank tops in the gym to allow free arm movement. But ladies. Common sense. No need to work out in sports bras and cause distractions in the gym for men. Just throw on a tight tank and you’re good to go. Same thing men. Those hanging muscle tanks that allow me to see both pecs. Save it for another time. Now back in the changeroom I also have a beef with all you ladies who like to wander in the nude. I’m sure this happens in the men’s as well. Good for you being proud of your free status but just cover it up. I’m not a prude. But you might be offending someone else. I just don’t wanna see it. K?

7. Fix Bad Form. Ask a trainer for tips, or an experienced gym goer if you’re not sure. Just suck it up and ask. Because if I see bad form again I’m not going to look the other way. What you’re doing won’t improve your physique and it may hurt you. So there is controversy on whether people should offer form advice. The general rule is no but next time I’m just not going to be able to let it slide. It hurts me to watch and it’s going to hurt you in the end. I’ll try and just whisper the advice so noone notices.

8. Mirror Staring. You are allowed to check your progress in the mirror. Just try and avoid the stare that goes over 5 mins and has you lifting up your shirt to check out the abs in public 😉

That’s all for now folks. Happy Gyming.

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