My Kind of Bachelorette

I wasn’t going to have a Bachelorette. I was a tad scarred from the one I had in 2012 and the circumstances surrounding it that I had a ton of fear around wanting to have this event.

What if noone wants to celebrate with me? What if everyone complains about the cost of going out to celebrate? What if people are too busy with their lives?

I’m a really good what if creator.

And then I just got over myself. Reached out to local Ottawa women I’m developing friendships with and asked if they’d go out for drinks with me at a local bar called Charlotte.

Shut up! 7 Ladies wanted to celebrate with me! Just shut the front door. I get a little excited, sometimes.

I told them dress code was their cutest little black dress. I had an excuse to wear a white dress (which I never took a proper picture in) and off we went to get our drink on. We grabbed a bite to eat downstairs at Pure Kitchen and then headed upstairs to peruse the drink menu. They no longer have it on the menu but I really really wanted a Holy Water (tequila based – says enough).

I didn’t even know that Charlotte was known for it’s selfie bathrooms until I experienced it for myself. That halo mirror is the real deal folks. Paired with a SnapChat pretty filter and  you’re as good as gold.

Saturday morning was a tad painful. My friend Aubrie and I hit the gym. I did legs and then cardio and tried not to puke 🙂 Gone are the days of my partying ways.

After napping for the majority of the day, while Aubrie did a 3hr+ bike ride, we picked up Rebecca (Mike’s sister) and headed out to the Outaouais. We grabbed a coffe and I shared my Trello Board with the list (in order) of family photos & bridal party photos to be taken the day of the wedding. See Rebecca has a get er done attitude and since she knows both our families she gets to wrangle them into photos!

We headed to my parents for a lovely dinner and pure jokes. My parents will have been married 50 years at the end of August and their relationship gets better and better every day. It’s so much fun to watch how playful they have become and to see my mom’s sarcasm bloom more and more lol. Aubrie and I head back to our house for a movie night (I Feel Pretty was awesome) and an early bedtime.

Sunday morning we got up fairly early, drank coffee, pumped bike tires and rode up to Strathmere for facials.

I’m getting much more comfortable on the bike and loving it!

The facials at Strathmere were amazing. I’m loving my skin post-treatment and the venue is just too perfect for words. We finished up the day with burgers (mine sans bun and cheese) and rode back home to get Aubrie nicely packed up in her car and sent her back to Toronto.

It was the most perfect Bachelorette weekend for me and I loved celebrating with friends and taking care of myself 🙂

What did you love about your Bachelorette weekend?

What do you want to do on your future one?

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