My First Tarot Reading

I had my first Tarot Card Reading this week and it was fascinating.

I connected with City Witch Tess on Instagram and booked a reading with her.

We jumped on a Skype Call and she explained to me that a Tarot Reading can be perceived as a Soul Check-In. And that’s exactly what it was for me. If you’re curious about my reading, read more. But how can this be useful for you?

I’ve also dived into more research around what each card means if you’re curious about learning about the cards in a deck.


The first card she drew was the Knight of Pentacles. This card is supposed to represent the present moment and how I move through the world. She mentioned that I approach activities with intention and a lot of prep work. This is highly true and I also find it fascinating that one of my top strengths is Input & Learner as that’s very evident in how I go about work, hobbies and anything I put my mind to.

The Pentacles cards apparently represent tangible material items and the earth. From doing further research I found out that the Knight of Pentacles usually represents that change is forthright but if you stick to the mundane, or break things down into manageable chunks you’ll see change for the better.

What Resonated With Me: What’s fascinating is that with my dōTERRA business and Wedding Planning I’ve got a lot of grand ideas and would love to be at the next rank or nearer to the wedding but that’s not really living in the present. I am affirmed that the way that I move through life is suiting me so well. I’m diving into everything with methodical care and it feels really good.


The second card she drew was the 2 of Cups Reversed. Which she explained is the Fool & the High Priestess combined. She explained that the second card is how we cross our flow. Which really didn’t make sense to me. With my further online digging, I found that it deals with the emotional level of consciousness and is associated with love, feelings, relationships, and connections. It’s also associated with water which is fluid, agile and in the “flow”.

I dug in further and a 2 of Cups usually represents an imbalance in a relationship or a lack of harmony. When she explained this based on the Fool & the High Priestess is that we are usually at “war” within our selves. We are battling with our shadow aspects and our light and trying to understand how they work together. My online research showed it is usually about personal relationships so that’s interesting that she focused on self.

What Resonated With Me: If I combine the thought around an imbalance in relationships I can immediately think about how I’ve been moving through the world. I sometimes like to hold onto past pain and sit in it. I’ve done a lot of work healing emotional trauma and there are so many times when I try and honour feelings that come up but I’m unfortunately living in the past when I do that. As I move through this year and get married to the man I love. It’s a disservice to us if I keep sitting with my old self. When Tess mentioned that the card could mean we are still working on our own self-love. That we are working on falling in love with both our shadow aspects as well as the parts that we love. That resonated because I can just accept my former self, how I handle stress and spend way more time hanging out in the amazing moments I’m creating in the present moment.


The third card she drew represents Wisdom and she pulled the Magician card.

I found this explanation on “The Magician Tarot card indicates that you can benefit from your creative forces if you can claim your power and act with awareness and concentration. This card is a signal to act consciously and act now provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it. You need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Be clear about your underlying motives and intentions.”

What Resonated With Me: I have been doing some work around bringing clarity to exactly what I want. How I want to show up in this world and what I want to create. When I read that the card is “about manifesting your goals by utilizing the skills, tools, and resources that are available to you” it makes so much sense as I diligently work through things like daily actions in my dōTERRA business and weekly podcast hosting. I know that I’m playing small with how I work my dōTERRA business and how I show up in the world. I’m being called to create more and I’ve been truly being patient waiting to understand the idea that’s supposed to be “birthed” through me. This just pushed my soul to start listening to my intution way more instead of just going through the motions that I’m already so good at.


The fourth card she drew, she said represents the root. She drew the 9 of Cups. She described it as something we’re wishing for. I found a description that this card is about our wishes fulfilled, comfort, happiness, satisfaction.

In my online readings, I also found: “the Nine of Cups shows a tendency to daydream and enjoy the pleasures of life. You are likely to spend more time thinking about big ideas and grand schemes for an ideal lifestyle than doing the work you need to do right now to execute those ideas. While it is good to ‘think big’, you also need to balance this with action to ensure that you can fulfill your dreams.”

What Resonated With Me: I love to vision board. I love to dream about what’s possible. I got into the habit a few years ago to put something on my vision board and then take action. Sometimes I don’t always do that. I have a mountain home on our vision board but if we don’t plan trips to visit more mountain regions how will we ever find the place we’re supposed to build or buy? So this card was the perfect soul check in to get moving into action vs. just spending time with my thoughts and dreams.


The fifth card she drew represents something that I’m cycling out of. She drew the 7 of Pentacles. More online reading revealed that I “understand the value of putting in time and energy now for longer-term rewards, and you are not necessarily looking for ‘quick wins’ as such. You also want to make sure that you are focusing your attention on the right areas that will give you the biggest ‘bang for your buck’, instead of wasting time on areas that will not deliver any value. You have a long-term view and you are focused on the sustainability of results.”

Because I’m cycling out of it she described it as all the slow work that I’ve done has truly laid a foundation for growth.

What Resonated With Me: I’ve been building a dōTERRA business for 2 years now while working full-time. I put in daily and weekly work but I’ve always compared myself with other leaders who are moving faster. See one of my strengths is also Competition so I thrive in a competitive environment even if it’s just competing against the person I was yesterday. I know that all of my daily actions are already providing me beautiful results. My soul just knows that I’m ready to grow on the solid foundation I’ve laid.


The sixth card she drew represents my rising side. She drew the 8 of Swords. I loved the way she described this card as a self-imposed restriction. The story behind the card is “The Eight of Swords shows a woman tied up, blindfolded, and surrounded by swords that act as a kind of prison or enclosure. It appears that there is no possibility of escape. She appears isolated and alone as she stands in the midst of a barren, watery wasteland far from the town in the distance. The sky is grey and cloudy, indicating despair and a lack of hope. The woman’s feet do not touch the water, indicating that the feeling of being restricted in the Eight of Swords is based on an intellectual assessment of the situation and not an emotional one. There is a path cleared before her, so there is actually a way out of this situation but the blindfolds prevent the woman from seeing her way out.”

See I’m fully capable of seeing my way out of a current situation yet I let my 911 brain lead instead of my wise mind. I also read that the “suit of Swords tarot card meaning is associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and conflict.”

What Resonated With Me: This resonated so well with me. I am really good at listening to my limiting beliefs. I am getting much better at listening to my wise mind but my fight or flight brain has run the show for so many years and has a much louder voice. I need and AM getting better at listening to HER. I’ve restricted myself by being the woman who called off a wedding or the dōTERRA builder who can’t build as fast because I’m working full-time. I’m done with those restrictions.


The seventh card represents the near future and she drew the 8 of Pentacles. I’m on a Pentacle spree. She described it as I’ve been so focused on being the apprentice but that I’m ready to move to Master.

I read more online that the card represents an apprentice and “he is in the middle of a project that absorbs all his attention. He has isolated himself from others (the town in the background) in order to concentrate on the task at hand. This card reflects a time when you are focusing all of your energy on something and making sure it is as perfect as it can be. You are very engaged in what you are doing and determined to do a good job.

What Resonated With Me: So as you’ve read now I have been playing pretty small with my dōTERRA business. I share with people who ask and guide them in their education and usage around essential oils but I very rarely talk at the top of my lungs and it’s actually selfish to not share the products and business opportunity with others. If I don’t give them the same opportunity I have then it’s selfish. I’m ready to master this. So get ready for me to become much louder 🙂


The eighth card represents my Inner Feeling and she drew the Hierophant. She described this as the immaterial and material married together. She also talked about how I have the ability to walk away from dogma and truly become my own spiritual guru.

I found online that “the Hierophant represents education and the pursuit of knowledge.” My top strength is Learner so this makes sense. I’m constantly studying, learning and exploring and documenting my learning. Look at this blog post for an example.

What Resonated For Me: I cross a scientific and esoteric divide. I am grateful and believe in modern medicine and what it can do but I also believe the system is incredibly broken and that our world needs more empowered beings healing themselves. She also said it’s like being disenchanted with all the self-help books out there because there isn’t one that I’m looking for and that I’m meant to write my own. I’ve been asked if I’ll ever write a book on my health journey and healing myself from MS and I think it’s definitely still being birthed within me. I’m still absorbing and learning so much about taking care of myself but I’m excited to continue down this path.


The ninth card represents my Hopes & Fears. She drew the Ace of Swords Reversed. Which usually represents confusion and chaos. She mentioned that it could mean I fear missing out on a moment or taking hold of the right idea.

I read that the card “signifies a ‘break-through’ or an ‘aha’ moment where suddenly conscious understanding and mental reasoning reach their peak, and achievement of goals suddenly becomes a lot easier.” and also “This is also a good time to act, and if you set your mind to accomplishing your goals, you can achieve anything you desire.

What Resonated For Me: I’m doing a ton of energy work, educating myself around the law of attraction and really getting clear on what I want in this world and in my life and that’s evident. Because I can get stuck in staying in the learning phase this card resonated with me that I need to work way more on my action muscle.


The tenth card is the Big Picture card and she drew the Emperor. It’s described as an authority, father-figure, structure and solid foundation card. I’ve read further that “The Emperor reflects rules and regulations. He establishes law and order by applying principles or guidelines to a specific situation. He likes to operate within a defined structure with set boundaries. He respects routine and follows a specific regimen or discipline.”

What Resonated With Me: She also talked about how this card is about the Divine Masculine. It’s become evident to me that my Divine Masculine energy has become my strength. It has helped me move through the world today. One of my top 5 strengths is Command and sometimes (ok probably a lot of times) come across as bossy when I’m trying to get things done because I see the clear picture of where tasks need to fit to finish a goal or larger task. I’ve been learning a lot about feminine energy so I can “balance/harmonize” my energy but I took this card as a sign that I don’t need to throw out my masculine energy and that I need to truly honour my strengths. Masculine energy is getting a really bad rap these days and I think I’m being called to figure out how to make it a positive thing in our lives.


The final card represents the outcome and she drew Lovers. She mentioned a quote from Perks of a Wallflowers – “We accept the love we think we deserve.” That quote found me when I was emotionally healing back in 2012 and I found it fascinating hearing it again because I finally am learning to accept that Mike truly unconditionally loves me and all the fears that keep trying to surface over the time we’ve been together are completely unnecessary and detrimental to our life together.

I also read “The bond that the two lovers have created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soulmate connection or very intimate and close relationship.” I also found how the Lovers card can resonate simply with one’s self. “Having gone through the indoctrination of the Hierophant, you are now ready to establish your own belief system and make up your own mind about what is and what is not important in life. This is also a time when you need to stay true to yourself and be as authentic and genuine as possible.”

What Resonated With Me: I have a choice how much time I spend “talking about healing from emotional trauma” and how it’s really not serving our relationship very well to continue to do so. In my gut I know I have met and chosen to be with the best partner for me. We began our life together 2 years ago and we’ve been through a lot of struggles (ones that don’t make the blog – because, well, privacy) and as we plan and get ready to celebrate our marriage in August I really had an aha moment around throwing out all the language from the past. I cannot serve our relationship in the present moment if I’m constantly revisiting and sitting with the past. I am good. My heart is really good. Now my brain & mind need to get with the program that is so beautifully before us.

She also brought up that the card could be around the fear of the unkown or the fear of success. What if I were to wholeheartedly build my dōTERRA business full-time? What if I were to become an entrepreneur and teach people how to stay off the auto-immune spectrum? What if I’m being called to do such bigger work in the world and I ignore it. I’m good at knowing where I’m at in life. Sometimes fear of success exists because you don’t know what will become of your life if you choose to do more or a different path than what’s comfortable.

Have you ever had a reading?

City Witch uses the Spirit Speak deck in case you’re curious!

And most of my research was done here: Biddy Tarot

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