My Favorite Top 10 Moments of Our Wedding

  1. Walking Down The Aisle To Mike: Seeing the look on his face, knowing how excited my Dad was to walk me down the aisle and seeing all our guests faces as I came toward everyone was pretty darn amazing!
  2. Exchanging Our Vows: I spent months writing mine, re-writing and then the week of they just landed. I wrote them in the cute vow books I purchased for us online and we laughed and cried while exchanging our promises to each other. 
  3. Seeing My Toronto OCR Family: I definitely feel like I’ve fallen out of touch with my Toronto OCR family. It was bound to happen when I moved away. So having them all in one place, dancing and eating poutine together was really special for me! 
  4. Mike’s Parents Present: Ok so Mike’s parents got us this cup where you have to both drink out of it at the same time. There’s a story to go with it but needless to say, it makes for a good picture of me with a napkin tucked in my dress. 
  5. Sneaking Happy Glances with Kyla: My bestie Kyla lives in Victoria so I was so freaking excited to have her in Ottawa, and by my side and it’s evident by the number of happy glances we shared throughout the night that my photog was able to catch!
  6. Hearing my Bridesmaids & Best Man Speeches: I can’t wait for our wedding video so I can re-listen to them but each one was meaningful, funny, sometimes didn’t make sense and just lovely. I know people hate speeches at weddings but it really is for the Bride & Groom 🙂 
  7. Garter Toss Magic Mike Moment: So I wasn’t going to do this because it can be quite tacky… but then I remembered Mike can dance, there may have been a perfect Magic Mike moment captured on film! I really hope my parent’s had already left at this point lol!
  8. Dancing With My Grandmother: Dorothy Baldwin. My spirit animal. 99 and tearing up the dance floor. I will cherish this moment forever. 
  9. Dancing With My Girls: I grew up a dancer. You put a little tequila (or a lot) in me and you can’t get me off the dance floor. 
  10. The Last Hour On The Dance Floor: To those who stayed till the bitter end. You are the only ones (and the DJ) (& Evermore staff) that will remember what happened that night…. oh and there may be pictures… but it was pretty epic. We’ll just leave it at that. 

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