My Fav Snack Foods

Rice Works Gourmet Brown Rice Crips – Salsa Fresca Flavour w/ Spicy or Garlic Hummus

I’m sucker for salty snacks so the Brown Rice Crisps and hummus combo always makes me a happy camper.


Love snacking on almonds. I have a weird obsession with always biting down on them in the middle so I can halve them perfectly. I know I’m weird.

Panda Licorice

I am obsessed with Panda Licorice! I originally discovered the black natural variety from Lyzabeth Lopez and Sara Solomon. Recently Sara pulled out a Raspberry Box at the gym to tempt me with and I’m in heaven. Panda lovers are known to finish entire boxes in one sitting. Thank goodness they are only  200 g. They are fat free, have no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and are only 120 cals per 15 pieces. The sugar is low but natural fruit sugar.

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