My 3 Baby Steps Into Fitness

il_430xN.00000005 So when I decided to start my fitness training I started 3 things right away.


Weight Training


I wasn’t the best informed but I knew how to research, ask questions and try things out and learn as I went.

I’ll write about where I did my research in another article!

1. Cardio: I started getting up 30 mins earlier than my normal wake up time to hit the gym in my condo. I downloaded some great 30 min mixes onto my Ipod and got on the elliptical. After probably 1 month I increased my morning cardio to 45 mins. I started taking glasses at my gym in the evenings after work. My favorites became spinning and a jump rope class. Spinning because it was great to rid my thighs and butt of the excess body fat I had accumulated while strengthening my glutes, quads and calves at the same time. I also started lifting weights in the evenings for 45 mins to an hour.

2. Weight Training: I’m tiny right… a little weak in the upper body… ok very weak in the upper body but I knew I had to build muscle up top. I started small. 5 pounders were my best friend. Not going to lie… I was beyond intimidated lifting my little 5 pound weights and finding that it hurt while guys beside me were curling 60 pounds and up. Just put those ipod headphones in your ears, look straight ahead and focus. Just in terms of bicep curls, I went from 5 lbs, to 8lbs 3 months later and now at 8 months later I easily curl 15 lbs. To others it’s not a lot but to me it’s huge 🙂 I feel like I’ve accomplished something I could never have done last winter.

3. Nutrition: I started a food journal. I knew as a “fitness model” I was going to have to eat 6 meals a day. Every 2 hours. I started to plan out my meals ahead of time. Actually writing them out for the week in the beginning. Doing my grocery shop on Sunday, food prep on Sunday night and packing my gym bag w/ food every morning. The things I cut out of my diet immediately after reading countless magazine articles was refined carbs. White bread, white pasta, white rice and sugar. I also cut out dairy but that’s cause I was lactose intolerant and ignoring it.

Some Examples of The Changes I Made

Meal                 Before                                                              After

Breakfast          Bagel & Cream Cheese                                 Protein Shake and Oatmeal w/ Cinnamon & Blueberries

Snack                 Nothing or Thinsation Cookies               1/2 Grapefruit or Bean Salad

Lunch                White Pasta, M&M Chicken, Sauce         Brown Rice Pasta, Broccoli and Organic Chicken Breast

Dinner               Bag of Microwave Popcorn                       Salmon Filet and Asparagus

Snack                 Ice Cream or Chips or Doritos                 Almonds or Larabar or Usana Oatmeal Raisin Bar

Good Luck with your baby steps. No matter how small. Little steps become big in no time at all!

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