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I’m on a cover!

When I started my fitness journey and this blog way back in 2009, I had dreams of landing on the cover of a fitness magazine. I pictured myself on the cover of Oxygen Magazine or Muscle & Fitness Hers. I worked so hard to train, eat right and get ready for fitness competitions. When I hung up my fitness competition heels I transitioned from a solely focused fitness journey to one of health. I never pictured myself being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and I never pictured myself becoming an advocate for MS awareness and taking on a mission in life to help others know that they can use fitness & nutrition to manage auto-immune disorders.

So without further ado! I’m on the cover of the MS Canada Fall / Winter 2015 Magazine!

MS Canada Magazine Cover

Photo by: Noel Daganta

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2014 almost a year ago I turned to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada for resources. I learned what is MS, the different kinds of MS, the different treatments, symptoms, different research going on, how to find support groups and what support & services were out there. I also found the MS Canada Magazine and read the issue with Cheryl Hickey on the cover. In that issue I read about T & B cells which inspired me to dive more into understanding the science behind my sidekick. I read about mindfulness & meditation to treat MS and I started researching how stress affects this disease.

This cover means more to me because I truly am living my happiest and healthiest life with MS. I take care of myself better than before. I look healthy. I feel healthy. I’m able to attack so many fitness goals that I had planned for myself before the diagnosis. I competed in 20 races this year, a goal I had set out for my pre-MS self. I may have a “disease” but I am living with a sidekick and I’m going to allow it to bring me self-awareness, self-care and gratitude daily.

In this issue there is an article on risk factors that may contribute to developing MS on page 7 & 8, a feature on Dominique Deschamps who is an adventure challenger and I need to make friends with her now and a Winter Saftety Toolkit for those living with MS so we can get ready for potential challenges.

Here is a LINK directly to the Ontario edition. Please read & share. Thank you.

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