First MS Anniversary

Today is my MS Anniversary. On December 2, 2014 my world started swirling. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t know why I was able to move into acceptance so swiftly, but I did. This unknown, mysterious auto-immune disorder is a sidekick in my life. I do not call it a MonSter (a term used frequently in the MS community) but instead choose early on to adopt it as simply a sidekick. This is a disorder I decided I would just live my life with. And anyways sidekicks make you more epic in comic books. So MS is Robin to my Batman 🙂

I am a survivor

I could have let my world crash around me or I could embrace my diagnosis and learn how to live my best life ever. So I chose best life ever. MS is just something to manage. It allows me to be constantly aware of my health. I try and never use the words “it’s something I deal with” so that I don’t see it as a negative in my life. While I’ve had my good days and bad the good far outweighs the bad.

So on this my day of my one year anniversary here are the good things my diagnosis has brought into my life and I choose to celebrate. That’s right. Celebrate. It’s an MS Party up in here.

  • I am grateful for being healthy
  • I am grateful that I now take utmost care for myself
  • I’ve got amazing friends and they constantly show me that they are in my corner
  • I am so thankful for the love of my family and their constant support
  • I am so body aware I can always tell if I need to rest or if I can push my limits just a little bit
  • I have respect for the body’s ability to heal itself & thrive
  • I am grateful that I have learned to make time to focus on optimizing my health so my immune system is fortified
  • I am grateful for my health care team
  • I am grateful for places like Soul 7 where I have access to alternative therapies
  • I am grateful for my naturopath helping me optimize my supplements
  • I am grateful for Epsom Salt baths
  • I am grateful for cooling vests so I can tackle workouts & obstacle course races
  • I am grateful I had a fast diagnosis
  • I am grateful for free Canadian health care
  • I am proud of my tenacity in taking charge of my total health care
  • I am grateful for the ability, time and means to educate myself about auto-immune diseases
  • I am grateful that I am able to afford healthy organic food and supplements
  • The ability to share my story with the MS community through a cover story in the MS Canada Magazine and amazing support from the MS Society of Canada in my journey.

So today, I am thankful that MS came into my life. I am more grateful for every healthy mobile day I experience on this earth and cherish them fully.

5 thoughts on “First MS Anniversary

  1. You’re amazing. And an inspiration in both celebrating MS and feeling all the feels (but not letting it run you – it’s the other way around!)

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