Mother’s Day

On this day we honour (yes I’m Canadian in my spelling) the mothers in our lives. I am blessed to have learned so much from my mother. I am grateful for her every single day but it’s nice to give thanks and honour her on this special day.

Mom Baldwin
Mom Baldwin

Thank you for raising me to be the young woman I am today (I regret to inform you I refuse to be old). Thank you for holding my hand, for kissing my forehead. Thank you for driving me to ballet class. For being proud of me when I became a cheerleader and a fitness competitor even if you didn’t approve. Thank you for being proud of me for graduating from University and for always being so happy about all my career moves. Thank you for driving hours from Ottawa to be by my side not once but twice as I left a broken relationship in 2012. Thank you for going on my cancelled honeymoon with me as the best support I could have at that time. Thank you for driving in the wee hours of the morning as I sat in the hospital waiting for my diagnosis and being there to keep me grounded and just be the companion I needed when I was diagnosed with MS.  


I know I won’t always be able to tell you on this day how much you mean to me so I’m taking full advantage now. I hope one day you get to watch me become a mother and I’ll be on the phone probably daily asking for advice.

I love you, Mama. You make my life better. You make me always want to be a better, stronger, more loving and giving person. I love thee!

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