My Happiness Project: Resolution Chart Monthly Themes

When I was reading The Happiness Project I liked how the author, Gretchen Rubin, gave theme names to her months. I downloaded her resolution chart to help me out.

I’ve blogged before about how I use a spreadsheet to set my long term and short term goals. There is a link in that blog post to the original entry and what spreadsheet I downloaded and have been adapting for the past 2 years.

So this year I started setting my goals in 13 different categories for the year. I will share those on January 1st. As I was writing them I was mapping out what my year would look like and I liked the idea of giving myself themes.

January – 100% Energy (back to exercises and health basics)

February – Make Room (clean clutter from my life)

March – No Comfort (push myself out of my comfort zones)

April – Strut Confidence (back on the fitness competition stage)

May – Run & Strength (My first race of 2013 (5K) and my first TOUGH MUDDER)

June – Get Dirty, Get Pretty (Met Con Blue and then my second fitness competition of the year)

July – Soul Searching (trying things and seeing how they make me feel)

August – Date My Friends (focus on my friendships and what I can offer others)

September – Live Out Of A Backpack (travel and be uncomfortable)

October – Thankful (focus on all the things that I’ve been grateful for throughout the year)

November – Book Love (write another eBook? novel?)

December – Random Acts of Love (do things without telling people about them)

So this is another step in my goal setting time. Next will be to map out the 13 categories of my goals and then personally I will set all the short term goals I will need to accomplish to get to the bigger picture.

Stay tuned for my 13 goals for 2013 coming on January 1st!

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