How to Use Mobility Flossing to Heal Injuries

I have been nursing an ankle injury since the end of September 2014. I twisted it while running the X Man Quebec race and then running the Dead End race on it the following weekend didn’t help. While I took a break from running in October, November & December I did start running again in January. I ignored the lack of mobility in the ankle and the tightness and pain and just kept going. I have no idea how much damage I’ve done. So after seeing countless professionals and no change in the pain I finally had my family doctor refer me to a sports doctor. He took my ankle through some mobility range of motions and said that it felt like my talus (ankle) bone was out of place. The lack of range of motion when dorsiflexing explains this. He requisitioned an MRI and I signed up for nighttime appointments. I had an MRI last Friday night and now eagerly await the results. In the meantime, I had sought out help from my chiropractor and physiotherapist to help with the pain now knowing it was my ankle bone that was the culprit.

My chiropractor, Dr Joe Vomvas showed me how to apply Voodoo Floss to my ankle to increase mobility. I purchased a cheaper version from Treadmill Factory – Xtreme Monkey Floss Band. Great quality for less cost! Over just 2 weeks my ankle impingement has gotten considerably better. While not perfect the pain has definitely lessened in the joint. The only pain I experience is when running now while before it was even while walking or standing. I take time every morning while in the gym and before an Epsom salt bath at night to floss.


Here are two videos on how to apply the floss, how to work through range of motion with it on and the science behind why it works.

I like this video for the explanation of why flossing works for mobility.

Here is the creator of Voodoo Floss, Kelly Starrett using the thicker band on an athlete to increase mobility


Before you floss I would recommend seeing a chiropractor who can show you how to apply. Happy Flossing!

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