MetaPWR Sample Pack

Would you like to experience a sample package of the products in the dōTERRA MetaPWR system?

This $20 sample pack is a great opportunity to try before you buy. AND I will refund the sample pack cost if/when you purchase the MetaPWR Kit through me!

The products within the MetaPWR System put tools in your hands so that you can take control of your metabolic health. And with your kit purchase, you will have free access to my 30-day guided MetaHEALING program walking you through how to use the products.

To purchase this MetaPWR Sample Pack, simply fill in the form below and follow the steps to transfer the $20 USD to me via Paypal.

MetaPWR Sample Pack Includes:

  • 3 packets of the MetaPWR Advantage Collagen +
  • 3 MetaPWR Assist capsules
  • 6 MetaPWR softgels
  • 15 drops of MetaPWR essential oil blend
  • 6 MetaPWR beadlets
  • 3 MetaPWR gum
  • Instructions on how to use the products
  • Link to a free metabolic health education class
  • Link to a free course on the MetaPWR system by dōTERRA
  • Link to purchase the MetaPWR kit at the end of your trial (this will allow you to be refunded for the cost of your sample pact)

Sample Package Cost: $20 USD**

**Cost will be refunded back to you upon purchase of the MetaPWR Kit

Interested in just purchasing the kit?

Includes: MetaPWR Essential Oil Blend, MetaPWR Beadlets, MetaPWR Gum, MetaPWR Softgels, MetaPWR Assist + MetaPWR Advantage Collagen+