Menu Planning Board

I’m becoming more and more crafty as I age!

I blogged last week about needing to ensure I eat 5 meals a day at least to keep my energy up and to stay on track for fitness competition prep. I had found two ideas on pinterest for menu planning boards but they really only were for one meal a day and it seemed most bloggers were planning dinners for their families. So here is my menu planning board adapted for the clean eating lover.

I built it for 2 sets of meal plans. One for Mon, Weds & Fri and then another set for Tues & Thurs. This for me gives me a bit of variety during the week but not enough that Sunday meal prep isn’t too crazy. I usually plan 5 meals for every day and then eat that all week. I’m used to same old same old but usually try at least 2 new recipes or meals a week.


1 PinBoard

1 Ribbon (cut in half)

Silver Tacks

Chalkboard Paper

White Paper



Colour Pens

Mini Binder Clips

Menu Planning Board

Step 1: Cut ribbons and tack to back of board, cut 5 chalkboard paper squares for meal numbers (Meals 1 -5) and cut 2 chalkboard rectangles for days of the week (I currently wrote MWF and TT) and 2 larger rectangles to hold the food cutouts.

Step 2: Glue chalkboard squares to tacks and arrange down length of board for meals 1 – 5. Tack days of the week to the top of the board and the 2 larger rectangles along the side. I kind of popped the larger rectangles out from the board a bit so they made a pocket.

Step 3: Cut out rectangles from the white paper and colour code proteins, carbs and veggies with colour pens! Place these in the 2 larger rectangles tacked on the side.

Step 4: Clip small binder clips to ribbon to hold food choices for each meal!

I’m going to adapt the board by writing recipes on cue cards so I can add them to my board when I feel like experimenting in the kitchen!

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