Meet Your Dress Preparation

I got to meet my dress on Saturday!

My mom and I got to go wedding dress shopping here in Ottawa back in December/ January and I found my YES to the Dress at With Love Bridal in Kanata. They have 2 appointments after the first yes. You get to “Meet The Dress” and then an Alterations appointment a month before your wedding.

Here is how I prepared for my Meet The Dress Appointment and I hope the tips serve you well if you find this blog because you have one coming up!

Buy Your Wedding Shoes

I bought mine online. I found 6-7 options I liked and polled my Instagram family on Insta Stories. A few voted for one option and I got Mike to vote as well (he’s the fashionable one in our duo.) I brought them to our last dance lessons to see how they feel (ps. we’re taking dance lessons for fun and for the wedding first dance).

We actually ordered my dress to a certain heel height as my dress designer had different length options so I purchase a wedge heel to a certain height and it was just perfect. The dress grazes the floor but you can see the toe of my shoe when I walk 🙂

Have a Vision for Your Accessories

Have an idea of what type of jewelry you’ll be wearing with your dress. If your store has an accessory shop you can shop while wearing the dress.

I’m super lucky. I got to bring Mike’s best friend & best man’s wife, Jenny to my appointment. She’s much more fashionable than me and they actually got married last summer (Mike and I are still upset we missed their wedding after committing to the Ride to Conquer Cancer the same weekend). She’s offered to let me borrow her earrings so I actually have “Something Borrowed” already! We brought them to the appointment so I could see what they look like with the dress on.

We tried on a whole bunch of hairpieces but couldn’t decide on one and I’m not sure they’ll go with my hairstyle choice so I’ve got a bunch of pictures on my phone to refer to but I will probably stay simple.

Veil or Not To Veil

I’m still not sold on wearing a veil for the ceremony or not. Our wedding ceremony is outside and my dress is a stunner so I think I’m going to keep it super simple but it was fun to try on veils and feel “like a bride.”

I’ve also been debating wearing a flower crown but that’s not completely my style so I’m thinking of wearing one instead for our engagement shoot later this month instead.

How Will You Wear Your Hair?

The one thing I do know is how I’m going to wear my hair. I’ve created a Wedding Hair Pinterest Board like a good Pinterest bride does.

I had originally pinned these 2 ideas to the board.

Wedding Hair
Wedding Hair

I can’t decide on the double braid or the thick fishtail braid.

This was my image of inspiration that had me fall in love with the idea.

So on Saturday I actually attempted to braid my hair and it ended up just being two twists on either side of my head but it helped me picture a little bit more what I’d look like on the day!

How did you wear your wedding hair?


How do you want to wear your hair for your wedding?

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