Meal Planning When Tired

I haven’t done a meal planning post in a bit so here is how I meal prep with my boyfriend when we’re both exhausted from a great week & weekend.

This weekend, Mike had to work at OCR Academy and it was the end of week one with the puppy so needless to say we were a bit exhausted come Sunday. I usually take time to plan out our meals for the coming week, make a grocery list and then grocery shop when he’s done work and meal prep in the evening. However sometimes life throws you fun.

I spent Sunday morning at Le Nordik with an old friend (we used to lifeguard together in high school!) and spent the morning in the baths and then got a much-needed massage for a body that continues to have problems. After X Man Toronto my neck decided to seize up and I haven’t been able to turn it to the right lately. After the most amazing deep tissue and facial stretch appointment, I was on cloud nine happy and raced home to grab a late lunch with Mike. We decided to go straight to grocery shopping after that and wing it. When we wing it this is how I shop.

  1. Decide on what meat we want for lunches and dinners.
  2. Grab enough green vegetables for the sides
  3. Grab a couple of carb options for Mike (as I don’t really touch carbs)
  4. Grab ingredients for fresh juices throughout the week
  5. Grab 2 treats (popcorn & coconut ice cream – 1 bag & 1 container each)

Here is what my meals look like today!

Meal Planning When Tired

We settled on 3 different kinds of sausages (honey garlic, mild Italian and Oktoberfest – all freshly made by the Loblaws butcher), a BBQ chicken (free from Loblaws brand), bacon & turkey bacon and in the freezer at home we have ribs, steak & chicken. I choose Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Avocados & Snow Peas for our veggies and we grabbed a to-go container of Basmati Rice for a carb option for Mike.

Juice this week is my favourite recipe from Crazy Sexy Juice which includes Grapefruit, Oranges, Ginger & Turmeric and our weekly smoothies include homemade almond milk, frozen raspberries, banana and Magnum Quattro Plain & Simple Protein Powder.

Here’s how we prepped. Mike BBQed the sausages while I made maple syrup, sea salt & lemon juice glaze for the sprouts, prepped the cauliflower & broccoli w/ curry & marjoram & pre-heated the oven to 400 F and steamed the snow peas. The sprouts & cauliflower/broccolli mix went into the oven at the same time for 30 mins total. After the sausages were done Mike started cooking the bacon on the George Foreman and shredded the BBQ Chicken off the bone into a Tupperware while I made fresh juice for the week.

We packaged everything off into containers for the week and the only thing I had to make fresh this morning was the smoothies & coffee 🙂

Happy Meal Prepping!

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