Meal Planning Tips

So you want to eat better this year? Is meal planning & prepping in your future or do you need to step up your current game a bit?

Here are my 5 meal planning and prep tips for a successful Sunday. I like to plan and prep on Sunday so I’m ready for the week!

1. Meal Plan: Sunday morning I plan out my meals for the week using a meal plan board. A piece of paper and a pen works just as well! Below is my board for this week!

Meal Plan Board

2. Make a Grocery List. I use the app ShopListFree App on my iPhone to create my list before I head over to the grocery store. I like to shop early in the morning when the store isn’t busy and there are still great produce options!

ShopListFree App

3. Grocery Shop. Grab your smart phone, pick a podcast, put in your headphones and educate yourself while grocery shopping. This allows me to avoid listening to the craziness that can be in the store some days.

4. Wash and Cut fruits & vegetables for easy cooking later.

5. Start Cooking: I start with meat in a frying pan, quinoa or brown rice in a pot of water. Then I start prepping meat or stew in the crock pot. I’ll start prepping smoothie bags while the first round of meals are cooking and then I’ll start on the next meat in the frying pan and a stir fry in a second pan.

Meal Planning

Example of the order I cooked food last night:

5pm: Ground Turkey in Frying Pan, Onions, Carrots & Sweet Potato in Pot

5:30pm: Bacon in Frying Pan, Steam Green Beans, Asparagus in 2nd Frying Pan

6:00pm: Beets & Fennel in Pot, Turkey Sausages in Frying Pan, Prep Smoothie Bags for the Week

Happy Meal Prepping!

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