Mallorca – Part I

Once upon a time, in 2016, one of my best friends at the time, Kyla Gagnon asked me if I wanted to go on a yoga retreat with her. I said “sure! Where is it?” She responded “Mallorca” I said “I’m in” and the rest is history.

We flew into Palma a few days before the retreat to explore a bit. The trip from Ottawa to Mallorca was long but good. A few hours before I was supposed to be at the airport I got an email that my WestJet flight had been delayed. I immediately called and they shifted me to an earlier Air Canada flight so I didn’t miss my flight to Gatwick. I raced home to finish packing and got myself to the airport. In the process of travelling overseas, they somehow lost my bag and it never arrived with me in Europe which was a tad disappointing but I filed a claim and prayed it would arrive soon. I met up with Kyla in Barcelona and we flew into Mallorca late Thursday night around 11 pm. We met our Airbnb host outside our apartment which was right beside the Cathedral. We snapped a few pics in awe before tumbling into bed.

In the morning we woke up to horse clip-clops on the street outside our window and we slowly pulled ourselves out of bed to get ready for the first day of exploring. After fresh juice, coffee, eggs, and avocado we wandered the city to take it all in.

The city was absolutely beautiful. Old cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, stores and cafes everywhere!

 Palma Cathedral
Palma Windmill

We really wanted to check out a few beaches while we are on the island and since my bathing suits were in my checked luggage we quickly shopped for a bathing suit for me before heading back to the apartment to change and head to the beach. We found a rooftop patio for an amazing view of the city and then head down to the local city beach for a bit of late afternoon sun.

The first day was a success of wandering all over the city, finding great cafes and having an amazing tapas dinner in the heart of the city. We tumbled into bed late at night dealing with a bit of jet lag to get ready for day 2 of adventures.

Day 2 we grabbed a taxi back to the airport to pick up a rental car. We had mapped out a route across the island to attempt to see a few beaches and tourist attractions.

The first stop was Llujmajor for a quick breakfast. The town was around 18 mins away from Palma and on the way to our first beach. The centre of town was cute and quaint but we were thankful to find a cafe open at 8 am.

After eggs & bacon we were off to find Cala des Moro which was my favourite part of the day. We ended up driving around the small town near the beach as Google Maps had tagged two locations. We would park and then adventure out onto well-worn paths in hopes of finding the beach. After the fourth attempt, we found it and it was so worth the aimless wanderings.

We climbed down the rocks to the beach, set up the self-timer for a few standard shots for Instagram including the ever so popular jump shot and then napped for a few mins before heading out again.

The second stop on the trip was Cala Figuera for lunch and a quick walk through the town.

We then did a really big tourist hit called the Dragon Caves. While the place was super cool to see, it was just rammed with people and crying children so not the best atmosphere for admiring the view…

It was such an amazing first 2 days. Despite not having my luggage I was so excited to adventure and see as much as possible! So grateful to be on this trip with my girl and seeing something new to me in the world.

Stay tuned for the yoga retreat portion of the trip next week!

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