Making Holiday Memories

It’s the Monday after remembrance day. We decorated our house for Christmas this past weekend and couldn’t be more excited about the holidays. I am all about creating memories for our young family and anchoring them in with essential oils. Did you know we can anchor memories with scents? That’s why essential oils are such a huge part of how I’m making holiday memories.

Memories are made in a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Memories that are accompanied by external stimuli such as emotions or scents are typically easier to recall. That’s why certain scents can instantly conjure memories and even help you recall additional details.


We ordered Christmas cards to send to our friends and family and I’ll be using this recipe before sending them out.

Should I use Holiday Peace or Holiday Joy?

Holiday Playlists

I’ve created three playlists you can enjoy with your family as well. We played the first one when we were decorating the house for Christmas. I’ll play the next one on Christmas Day when we wake up and open presents around the tree. I’ll play the last one during dinner time with our families in our house.


I can’t wait to bake with the babes. It’s definitely a bit of a mess but so worth the cleanup. Here’s an AIP-friendly gingerbread recipe you can use. I would substitute ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla extract for ginger, cinnamon bark, and vanilla absolute essential oil.

I’ll be making the cranberry lime spritzer for Christmas Day lunch. And Apple Cider for Mike and our parents to enjoy after dinner.

Diffuser Blends

Here are three holiday diffuser blends that you can use to create scent memories in your home. I diffused the Holiday diffuser blend while we decorated our tree and home for the holidays. I’ll diffuse Christmas Eve on its day, and the Merry & Bright diffuser blend on Christmas Day.

Holiday Diffuser Blend
Christmas Eve Diffuser Blend
Merry & Bright Diffuser Blend

DIY Recipes

Here are three DIY room spray recipes you can make. You can use these on curtains, couches, towels, pillows, and sheets to create amazing scented memories.

Kid Crafts

Here are three crafts that I can’t wait to make with our twins or organize so our nanny can create some magic with our babes 🙂

I wish you the best this holiday season. I wish you nothing but beautiful memories and having a hand in creating rooms full of love and essential oils 😉

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