Book Review: Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives

Here is my book review of Magical Beginning Enchanted Lives, a holistic guide to pregnancy and childbirth.


A much-needed antidote to our modern, assembly-line approach to childbirth, this new book is designed as a guide for all who wish to participate in the wondrous process of bringing new life into the world. Its ideas derive from two sources: the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, with its emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, and the latest Western scientific prenatal research. By integrating the best information from these two very different perspectives, this remarkable book gives readers the tools to ensure that our children are nourished by thoughts, words, and actions from the very moment of conception.

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives is rich in practical information, including strategies to help enliven the body intelligence of unborn babies by nourishing each of their five senses, as well as through Ayurvedically balanced nutrition and eating with awareness. Specific yoga poses and meditation techniques reduce the mother’s stress and improve the infant’s emotional environment, as do tips for conscious communication with a partner. Exercises prepare parents for the experience of childbirth itself, followed by natural approaches to dealing with the first weeks of parenting, from healing herbs to enhancing your milk supply to coping with postpartum depression.

Inspiring, expansive, and remarkably informative, this unique book from acclaimed experts in mind-body medicine will profoundly enhance the experience of pregnancy and birth for both parents and baby.

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives

What I Thought:

I loved this book. It was a nice and easy read. I would curl up on my meditation cushion in the morning and read a chapter a day.

My favourite chapter was on communication with your partner. There were such easy mindset shifts that I hadn’t even thought of working on in our relationship.

The other thing that I really liked was that at the end of each chapter there were bullet point things to keep in mind or exercises called “Enliven Through Your Attention”.



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